BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

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Aug 9, 2012
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If you didn't know his bmx pioneer (hall of famer) history, you may not know he was also a photographer (what he went to college for). He was a mentor of Mel Stoutsenberger... early bmx racer and photographer. Mel moved on to MX photography when he kinda felt pushed out of BMX due to age (18).
I have a friend that used to work for Tsubaki and DID and knew him from I believe KMC. That's how I learned who he was, then we made more of the historical connection
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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz

I'm actually looking for a chrome 12" or 16" wheeled bike to be the bottom half of a "SmallTall" using that chrome Y frame on top. BMX inspiration? Maybe not but it's be a fun pitbike.

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ClemTwin Crank System. Made a twin. No advantage unless a chain pops. Still very cool.
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Chain tension can be balanced by moving the spindle laterally.
Holy cow, there's actually a modification for that?! I've always wondered! Having something like that would mean you're bike would have 2 good sides for photos! Everything would be nearly symmetrical! This is just the thing for those of us with OCD!
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