BIKE Identfication Help.

Feb 13, 2020
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My Wife has a Red, Five Speed, Diamond Back Sand Streak, any possibilities someone can help with the serial number? as in what year? It kind of funky. F4 (then it has a backwards c) 388 (then it has a very small o) 92.
Thank you
Jun 4, 2020
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Starting this to help ID bikes. This post will contain links to serial number datatbases, pictures and anything else that will help to ID your old bike. This will be a work in progress so PM me any info you have that may help. Most links will be for outside sites.

1. Find the serial number on the bike. Locations- under BB, dropouts, headtube, seatpost clamp.
Serial Number Databases

2. Look for a brand name on headbadge or chainguard. The brand name is not always the manufacture.

3. Sometime looking at pictures or catalogs may help.
Catalog and Picture Databases

4. Or look for characteristic on the bike to help find manufacture. Pics of dropouts, forks, badges, seat cluster
Bike frame characteristics
I cannot find any information that matches the numbers I find except possibly the h may tell that it’s 1958?


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