Beater Slick

Dec 2, 2007
Fresno, Ca.
This came my way via trade over a year ago. It sat patiently waiting it's turn and be semi-cannibalized for other projects. It was completely torn down and thoroughly cleaned and re-greased be for reassembly but the natural patina/crustiness it's acquired over it's lifetime was left alone.

Here's a rundown of the specifics..........................

'66 Huffy Cheater Slick
Schwinn S-2 rear wheel
NOS Cheng Shin Gumball Slick
Murray front wheel
Carlisle Zephyr Flyte front tire
Schwinn pedals
46" sissy bar
Troxel Solo Polo springer

MBBO 2017 - 1.JPG

MBBO 2017 - 2.JPG

MBBO 2017 - 3.jpg

And a shot with my other entry, the Western Flyer Buzz-ard Bike:

MBBO 2017 - 4.JPG
Dec 2, 2007
Fresno, Ca.
Sweet rusteration!
Muchas gracias.
I love how many muscle bikes have some evidence of a big ole STP sticker somewhere. That is just what we all did back in the day.
HAHA, I forgot to mention why the guard has that spot.............I guess it's obvious. If you look closely at it you can still see the STP outline. The sticker was removed before I got the bike.
Great rear end pic too.
Thanks! The photos of my entries were taken at a place near my house called Duncan Ceramics, the front of their building is a fantastic spot for photos. I've also taken quite a few shots of my car there.

DC17 2.JPG

DC17 5.JPG
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