BACK! To the future-er... 1981

Jul 31, 2008
Newton, North Carolina
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Saw a story on Yahoo I think, someone bought the rights to DeLorean. and is making new DeLoreans! And they're electric powered, and much faster than the awful original v6 powered duds. Cost? Only $95k... :roll: -Adam
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Auto blog had a story on it too.
Only $95 K :? for a 260 HP hybrid car? ... he-future/
I'd rather have one of these monsters

$75,000 Porsche Panamera S 400HP

$38,995 Ford Raptor 411 HP

$58,575 Caddy CTS-V 556 HP

$75,600 Corvette Z06 505 HP

Or I don't know an original Delorean DMC-12 for $29,995
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The company that owns dmc are making brand new dmc-12s with old left over prts. Ill put my own engine and tras i it though. Some body has one with a mid mouted either sr20det or 2jz. I havent heard of this new hybrid one.
Jul 20, 2010
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DMC is still DMC, just some rich guy bought the company and all the remains of the factories and moved them to Texas. Simple as that. :D