B/MSR #305 / Finished at last (minuet that is)

Jun 5, 2012
This weekend was busy for both the bike build as well as other obligations

Started working on the headlight

decided to go with a more aerodynamic looking light and keep it stationary rather than being able to flip around
as well as possibly addition (if there is enough time)

using the reflector bracket to add to the stability
just needs a little modifying

Bolted up

Also found the final puzzle piece
really wanted to have this part on the bike for the voting
so probably going to sacrifice some other stuff to get this done in time

found at swap meet
had the thin sheet metal (in black no less)
as well as the louvers
I think it used to be a case for an electronic device

cutting it up (template of final shape sitting to the left)

right side piece
just need final trim then bolt together

Also I was able to paint and number the mini tank piece
Used nail polish to get that hand brushed lettering look

still needs the back brackets attached

And if your wondering about the number
that is the state route # where the battle mountain race takes place

here it is on the bike with the new paint job

Should be able to mostly finish enough to get pics submitted by 7pm pst or 1 hour before deadline
(fingers crossed)
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Jun 5, 2012
Here ate the side panels with louver inserts
ended up bolting them in since i had a lot of these little bolts left over from my Junk Crafted Higgins build
plus they kinda look like rivets
wish i had more to show but I was in such a rush the rest where a blur

There are a few minor things to do on it but had to make the deadline so this is as good as it gets right now

To see the finished bike go here

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