RRBBO13 Ankle Biter

Jul 25, 2016
Chicago - far west burbs
Nice formwork on the ends, I never considered pressing a seperate end on them. Ive shoved a steel "puck" in the end of conduit before to make a stronger bolted joint.
If the tubing is galvanized, try polishing it, you can get a reasonably shiny finish.
Looks like a really fun build, Im having fun following it. :)
So my wife pointed out to me that the gold fluted seatpost and red grips didn't look quite right. She has better eyes than I do for stuff like that so I had to agree...
This thing uses a short, strange diameter post but the build doesn't really require a longer one so I put the original back on. This also eliminated all the ugly beer-can shims I had to make to get the BMX post to fit. It is is actually nickel plated, not chrome and received a quick polish. While it was in the stand, I swapped out the grips with some black ones. The red Ourys will end up on another project eventually...