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Mar 28, 2011
Norfolk Va
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So I have a number of Delta fender lights, tailights and a few other accessories for sale.
Email is best as my pm box fills quickly....douglas.jd56@gmail.com
I have these listed on numerous sites so if you're interested don't think too long on it.
All are shipping included.
Contact me for payment options.

1st is a non Delta item but, is an NOS cool and rare piece.
Darwin "Traffic Lite"
Three lights, hub actuated...
Pedaling it glows green.
Coasting it glows amber
Braking it glows red.
Original box included. As is instructions.


Next is an item I wanted to keep but, here it is non the less.
This is a functioning Delta "Jet Rocket" either the original box, as rough as the box is it us also rare to find.
$275 shipped.

And NOS Delta Rocket Ray Horn in gun metal gray. With original box.
$80 shipped

Then I also have these two tailights.
Red Rays, as I recall.
One is a dual lens ... $80
and the other is a single (with box)$60.

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