BO15 A Step-Through Time---Changing projects for build-off

Nov 24, 2019
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Is this a better placement for the chainguard? I set the straight portion of the guard parallel with the top bars. Does it belong there now? I think it works.View attachment 131096View attachment 131097View attachment 131098
Well, it looks better than before, but I'm curious what other chain guards you've got to work with. I think that chain guard would look perfect on a wingbar, like Verrt showed, but this Silver King isn't as curvy as the wingbar bike. It's made up of mostly straight lines, with few curves. The chain guard you've got is completely curvy. It's cool, but it kind of sticks out too much on this bike. I just don't think it flows with the overall appearance of your Silver King.

Still, this is your bike, not mine. I'm just suggesting what I would do if this bike were mine. Build it the way that makes you happy.
Jun 19, 2016
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You should find a wingbar to match that chain guard then give your silverking frame to me!
View attachment 131109
I had this chainguard on my wingbars. But I don't own anymore wingbars.
I dunno if you mentioned above what those bars are, but they look spectacular on that frame! So WIIIIIIIIDE!
I agree, but it's kind of an optical illusion. My favorite Sting-Ray apes are 33" wide. These are only 29" wide, but they get there quickly and point almost straight backwards. And they pull back a whopping 14"! That's the reason for the 5" racer stem. Only a 9" net pullback. It's a cool look, and it does seem to work well on this long frame.
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