A Scandinavian Lady Has Arrived

Mar 1, 2009
Stockport, England
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In form of a Danish SCO "verdensmestercyklen". My guess is this means "world champion cycle"? The Danish forum members may make me stand corrected.

Anyway, the real reason I bought it is that it is basically a set of 700c stainless Weinmann rims with stainless spokes

and a Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo three speed with coaster brake (extremely rare in Britain)

That the bike is still attached to the wheels is IMO a mere bonus, albeit a short search on the interweb revealed that SCO bikes seem to be quite sought after by the Danish fixie crowd, at least the gents versions.

Be it as it may, the wheels will be used for a different project and I'm now burdened with the task to build this frame into a cool looking bike. Oh, well...