A Pug-Nosed Tow Truck


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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Alright well I discovered something much better than PB it's called Deep Creep I sprayed both broken head bolts with it and about half hour later I was able to unscrew the broken bolts with my fingers! I doused the cylinders with the stuff and will try to move it tomorrow if it doesn't move I'm pulling the engine for a bare block rebuild get the block boiled and all.

That is awesome! I might have to look into getting some!

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Mar 16, 2016
New Philadelphia, Ohio
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I'll be honest, I forgot I made this post. I have gotten a lot done tho since I've been gone. Engine is done and I'm just waiting on the new clutch kit to arrive so I can put it back in and I bought six new tires for it. This is biggest reason I haven't been dealing in bikes as much as I usually do I've dumped over 3k into this thing in past couple months, ouch.