'65 Stingray Nominal Basic

Oct 15, 2008
Crystal Beach, TX
As far as front ends go, all I knew was I DIDN’T want to put a springer front end on the bike! Lol

I was actually looking for a rat-trap front fork (but would have settled for a huffy rail fork) and I would have paid to have either modified. I found a couple of rat trap front forks on eBay and Craigslist.
Lookin good, Jude. Be careful when buying a rat trap fork. The mechanical parts hold up OK but the original painted part of the fork is often damaged.
-I knew my rat trap fork was damaged before I bought it and I had to do replace the painted part and make some mods to make it useable. flightliner.jpg spy jun 1.jpg
Aug 17, 2019
So, got the wheels on right, chain snug and everything all gapped, spaced and torqued properly so it’s ready to ride.

OJ, I finally got the jam nuts in to fix the fitment issue with my front wheel and fork.

Chain guard on and spaced.....

Threw on some decals to snaz ‘er up.... getting close!!!
Aug 17, 2019
Meh.... I put on some knock-off bow tie pedals.

I know.... they should Technically be waffle pedals, but these were cheap and easy so I got ‘em.

I had my eyes out for months for some non-thrashed, genuine Schwinn, waffle or bow tie pedals that were cheap...... so uh.... yeah, that never happens!!!!
Aug 17, 2019
3rd time is a charm!

I had 2 schwinn handlebar stems I tried to spiffy up for my bars. A ‘65 and a ‘67.

With the AMF truss forks, the opening for the bars (headset locknut) is substantially wider than the schwinn, so the schwinn stems looked awkward installed as there was a pretty noticeable gap between the handlebar stem and the inside of the headset locknut.

I found a stem on some extra handlebars I had laying around that had sears grips on them that I had no idea I had! Stem fits perfectly.
Aug 17, 2019
Those pedals are pretty cool. Where'd you get them?
Thanks! I got these off eBay; they were super cheap; like $25 delivered. They’re not the quality of OEM schwinn, but they’re not horrible either.

On a scale from 1-10 on quality with 10 being the most expensive, I’d give these a 6 or maybe 7. For $25 it’s tough to beat.

I was going to buy thrashed schwinn pedals for double that, then would have had a bunch of time and materials blacking them out. Super pleased with these pedals.
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Aug 17, 2019
I tried to score a cheap n easy re-pop seat off eBay.


It Showed up with what looks like a huge vertical storage dent in the foam that won’t go away and the stripes are crooked as all get out.

I was trying to avoid recovering the troxel I have but am running out of time and options.

The eBay seller was good.... didn’t fuss once I sent the pic’s and he gave me free shipping back, but I’m disappointed they didn’t catch this before it went out.
Sep 13, 2006
southern PA
Hey @ParkRNDL, did you just sell me a ‘naner seat off eBay the other day?

I got a vintage replacement seat to replace the defective repop white one off of a seller in PA....
Ha, nope, not me. If I had a nice vintage white seat, I'd be finding a bike to put it on. (I actually have a couple of pretty good candidates.)

Funny, though, I have the exact same goofy repop seat with the crooked stripes you posted above, but in blue...

(it's not really obvious in the pic, but trust me, they're crooked :rofl::rolleyes: )