50’s Huffman Parts Customliner, Radiobike, Eldorado, etc..

Jul 20, 2010
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Various parts from old builds or bikes I parted out. More pics available on request. All prices are OBO. Shipping from Dayton, Ohio.

- Crank and chain ring, from a 26” women’s 1959 Eldorado. Correct for many Huffman built models from early 50’s to about ‘61 or so. This style is getting harder to find, and so are the old style pre-1966 cranks with the “HM” stamping. Both have pitting. $15 plus shipping.

- Customliner chain guard, VERY nice condition. L-bracket weld has a little crack but easily fixable. Very nice condition, and much better than many you see for sale. Has scratches, and a gouge over the “H” from use. Will also fit Radiobike, drill out rear bracket to be correct. $35 plus shipping.

- Metal headbadge w/ rivets. Correct for Radiobike, Customliner, and others. Fair condition. Has a rough edge at the top and a small ding. Needs restored to be for show, otherwise use as is for a rider or a rat rod. Came off a ‘59 Eldorado. $10 SHIPPED

- Original flat profile 26” rim, correct for pre-1957 models. Has been spray painted, unclear of the condition of the zinc plating underneath but I would suspect it is tarnished. Leftover from my Radiobike restorations. Solid, with no rust pits or dents that I can see. Hard to find these days, it was a BEAR for me to track down replacements. $20 plus shipping.