'35 silverking ... kinda

I have to start off by saying while viewing all the builds on this site, I am in the presence of greatness. The talent and vision exampled in this build off #6 is incredible. Never have I seen so much style on two wheels. The concepts and craftsmanship in building the bikes here is amazing. I could list all the great builds but heck you all are viewing the same bikes I am so you all know. Mine was more of an assembly than a build but even on an assembly all parts needed to be prepared prior to the build. I enjoyed getting this just right. Clean, simple and comfortable to ride. Probably will be my daily rider for years to come.

Polishing sure took some time

never thought a spray can paint job could come out so well

yes the 26" tires will fit this 24" frame, after adding a spacer between the fork and axle. I have no idea how "imagearchy" is going to fit those "thick bricks" in his fork

that new sturmey archer kickback 2-speed works like a dream

and now it's finally done

short video for your viewing pleasure
Mar 27, 2011
She cleaned up nicely, you polished the heck out of it , looks like chrome, great bike , I went through the build I will be using your bolt polishing technique


I build stuff.
Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Nice video... how many takes did you do on the audio? Your voice, I think in the end you should've said "We'll leave the lights on for ya."
socratesjpt said:
weekend-fun said:
No WAY thats a rattle-can job :lol: Great job!
I would love to find the rattle can that produces that shine
Yep, spray can. but ya gotta strip it to the metal, prime, sand, prime, sand, prime, sand then even more coats of color, 600 grit between coats.
finished with a few more coats of clear, sanding with 2000 then it's time for the waxing

Oh, and the audio on the video, I got lucky, one shot . but, you're right ending is weak.
thanks to all for your kind words
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Hey Kingrider,

Fantastic Bike!!
The frame is incredible 8) 8)
I never knew aluminum could look that good.
The matching color scheme really works with it.

Nice Job!
Sweet Sick and SLick.
The pollishingjob is amazing, especially on the bolts 8)
Well done!

Ofcourse you can make a spraycanjob look good. There's no reason why you can't get a professional finish with a spraycan. Just don't use garbage and prepare your stuff as if it were professional paint equipement. When you're done spraying carefully pollish the paint when absolutely dry and you'll get a surface as smooth as glass.