BO15 32" Motorbike

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Well, I think fabrication is complete. A few doodads/reflectors/whatnot may go on, and maybe some pin striping, but other than that, this thing is done. I'll hold off posting in the finished thread until I know if I'll have time for any of that stuff. I will get some better photos, though, maybe somehow involving the scale of the thing.


Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
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Amazing build! Yes, definitely put the bike in a position / location for your final photo that shows the scale of the build. Near something that we are all familiar with the size of, like a mailbox (if you can find one ) or a park bench, fire hydrant, those kinds of things.

I'd also include some description of the dimensions, wheel / tire size, wheel base, length of the reach from center of the saddle to center of the headset, that stuff. It's so well balanced otherwise, that you don't pick up on that without knowing it's a big bike. Well done!


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Jul 28, 2014
nunya prolly
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Can you do front and back, to keep the ratio similar to standard?
I have made my own sprockets on more than one occasion. I am usually making front sprockets that will fit under an engine or modified skip tooth to accept a motorcycle chain. Anything I can do you can do better. I have used mild steel ten speed cassettes and cut them apart to take the taller gears out and weld one to a freewheel too.