3-Star Delusion - finally an actual ride...

Mar 25, 2011
Rochester, NY
Re: 3-Star Delusion - A minor update

kingfish254 said:
You know you have wicked tires when you have to notch your chainguard!!
Have fun on your ride!
I took the bike out on Wednesday evening with the local bike club, which is mainly a road riding group. I'm often the odd man out on something with wider tires, on something that "crazy heavy" (apparently everything over 25 pounds is "heavy"). So my 48 lb 3-Star with a 3" wide rear tire definitely stood out. I was surprised how many people thought that it came from Columbia with the scoops and vents and tail fin, I would have thought it was obvious that it was customized. But I guess if you don't know anything about old bikes, what's to say what is and isn't true? Anyway, the ride went for about 12 miles, and surprisingly, the odometer on the SW speedo wasn't that far off. I had to raise the seat up a bit (but I think it looks better that way, allows the fin to stand out) and I had to stop to retighten some hardware that worked loose, but otherwise it trouble free and I didn't have any issue keeping up with the group. The speedometer is noisy, as is the Berm Master, but the bike didn't make any weird or unusual creaks, groans or rattles. So I'm pleased. I'm not a real big fan of the 'stache bars - I couldn't find a comfortable grip for long - but its otherwise much more rideable than last year's BonniRocket. I didn't have a good way to take any photos while riding, but I've got a couple in the parking lot:

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Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma
Looks sick!

Glad you got a chance to ride. Its why we do what we do ! Looks great man 8)

Isnt it funny .....
You ride a rad, obviously modified , homebuilt bike and you get the " I had a bike just like that when I was a kid" comments......
NO! its a rat bike! I built it myself! ( happens to me all the time :mrgreen: )
:lol: :lol: :lol: