20 or less final pics

Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
wait just a second where are the ridding pics hold everything and it is not pink!!!!! oh yea you rode it at the show sry bout that and i guess i can forgive you about the paint. awsome job the pics dont do this bike justice
Sep 27, 2007
sac. valley
thanks for the +'s every one
gtcoma....the pedals are about 1/2" from the ground when riding so ya gotta remember to level before a turn or those old pedals are gone(im gonna swap the crank for a stingray jr. one when my sons tall enough to ride it but.....that doesnt stop him from climbing on it and making motorcycle noises now :mrgreen: )
thanks ej599 glad he likes it and great job on buddys bike!! looks like he LOVES it(i would too....wish you wouldve got a shot of his face when you told him it was his...but the huge :mrgreen: says enough!)