1st finished bike named ROLLY

May 29, 2011
A classic custom cruiser beautifully executed. Don't miss the "before photo". It's amazing. Love those bars.
Dec 14, 2010
Thanks for all the compliments!

A friend of mine bought a $2??? Trek mountain bike the other day. I think it weights like 20oz. He invited me to a trail ride since he had not seen my bikes. I said "sure, but I know a route" when he saw my bike (rolly) he thought I was crazy. I can tell you a few things.

First never go down a really steep dirt road with a 50 + pound bike with no front brake while its raining unless you like to have fun. I'll need a new stem!!!

Second, wash the bike as soon as you can. I'll have to admit it was kind of cool to see about 50 pounds of mud around the white wall tires. They look brand new after I washed the bike with engine degreaser.

Third, relube the bike something I haven't done yet.

Fourth, yes I'll do it again but only if there are beer stops along the ride
Oct 18, 2008
i'm a sucker for anything built on a prewar frame! i have a klunker built on one of those rollfasts and really like it! :D