1967 Carlton Corsa Strada

Fancy finding this at your local scrappie?

A thorough cleanup has already commenced:

So, what have we got here?

A Worksop built Carlton frame made from some obscure butted lightweight tubing. It is not Reynolds 531, but it feels light.

Williams steel crankset.

Lyotard pedals.

27" Rigida Superchromes in 32/40, that neither sport super chrome, nor did they turn out being rigid - they are both buckled.

Campagnolo shifter and chain sideways bender - that overhyped Italian rubbish.

Brooks B15 bollocks kicker.

GB forged aluminium headstem and GB aluminium handlebars.

Weinmann Vainqueur 999 centre pullers, pretty useless, but I guess still better than what Burt Munro had for deceleration.

Original 'Carlton' brake lever boots in good condition (uberw00t!).

GB stainless mantraps. They have to go. As much as I loathe those Health and Safety whimps, I'm not really suicidal either.

Further plans:

Replace handelbar tape with brown textile and shellac it, Champagne cork bar ends.
Replace cables and use brown outer casing.
Replace wheels and tyres. Tyres aren't a problem, I have 27" slugwalls somewhere in the stack. The problem really is with the wheels. A major problem that is. I have several sets of 32/40 large flange hubs which would look ace, but rims in 32/40 are made of unobtainium nowadays. There are relatively cheap but beautiful polished aluminium rims available, but only in 36h. This would have the inherent disadvantage, that I end up with four spokes short in the back, and four too many oop front...An unacceptable proposition.
But I don't have a reputation of finding anything for nothing. If I can't find it, they didn't make it!

Oh, and that stupid reflector that makes one look like a total retard has already been ritually tossed.


Dec 4, 2006
Re: 1967 Carlton Corsa Strada just arrived

Brooks B15 bollocks kicker.
I some times wonder if we speak the same language. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Way cool bike. Should be nice when done.
Nov 21, 2008
Re: 1967 Carlton Corsa Strada just arrived

Please keep us updated on this beautiful bike. 8)

Cleaned everything, replaced all cables and used new brown outer casings, new tyres, new handlebar tape, champagne cork handlebar bungs.
Unfortunatey, the brooks saddle fell apart, so I replaced it with some el-cheapo thing just so the bike can be ridden.