SOLD 1950s J.C Higgins His and Hers set $585 Shipped

May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
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The bike started it's life out as a 1950 J.C Higgins special line the most basic model J.C Higgins made at the time, it's still very much original J.C Higgins just with some extra Higgins parts added therefore a J.C Higgins custom.













1# Bike has been completely overhauled by me works like new.

2# 1970s 80s Moto grips.

3# Original 1950s saddle with the layback Lucky 7 seat post.

#4 Dual Chrome Tombstone reflectors one with the original reflector, the other with a vintage spark plug box put into it.

#5 Original Coast King Safe Flex tires good rideable condition, they do have cracks just because of age.

#6 repop torpedo light that I ground down to bare metal, original JC Higgins script pedals.

#7 original Torrington bars, and J.C Higgins gooseneck stem.

#8 Diamond pattern skip tooth chain, original J.C Higgins skip tooth sprocket.

#9 Original paint J.C Higgins fork with truss rod's.

#10 Skip tooth drop Center wheelset.

Like to get $400 shipped in the US, PM with any questions.
Also open to reasonable offers :thumbsup:



Alright I'm adding this in, it's a 1950s Monark built J.C Higgins. Seems to be all there, it's in AS IS condition. If you just want the girls bike I'll take $250 shipped.

If you want them as a set I'll do $585 shipped
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May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
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It blows my mind that this cool of a bike in this condition is still for sale at this price on this particular website. I remember the day when there were people here who would be fighting over who got to send their money first for this deal.:bigboss:
Scribble says it's a shipped price and is open to offers, so someone with some taste make this guy a reasonable offer.:soapbox:
(If I didn't already have a similar bare metal Mercury I would have jumped on this a long time ago!):cool2:
Lack of cash is only reason I have not jumped on this. May contact for possible trade interest.
@The Renaissance Man @SILVERKINGPC @rrtbike

Thanks guys I appreciate the compliments, I'm still sticking to my personal theory I think the American Pickers fad is over. This hobby might go back into obscurity, although at least where I'm located it's always been an obscure weird hobby with a very small niche market.

People always marvel at me when I tell them how many hours, and cost it takes to bring these old girls back to life. If I was actually going to sell this bike for what I have into it (parts and man hours). It would probably be $800 to $1,000 bike.
Who knew hand grinding/sanding a bike down to Bare steel would take so long :21::crazy:.
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Mar 5, 2014
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Compare this bicycle to foreign aluminum junk with no style, coolness or uniqueness. No contest! It may be a more of a sign that our culture values less well-made things than this bike and seems uneducated in general about something like that.
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