1945 CWC Roadmaster

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Glad to see I sold this to the right guy - you're doing a lot better with it than I would have. The stripes came out really great and the rear blackout hub is kick butt. I didn't realize when you recovered the saddle that it was going to match so well in color with the bike - looks great. All assembled it looks like an entirely different bike than when I bought it - that's because it is. Did the rims clean up ok? I can't tell without a closeup pic. Do you still need an original Roadmaster Head Badge? If you want to repaint one I'll give you one of mine that needs some help in the finish department - my gift to a great bike.

I bought a pair of repop pedals like yours but with the red blocks to put on my Luxury Liner repop. I ended up changing them because my feet are so wide they were up on the sides of the pedals instead of on the blocks. But the originals for the '45 were Blackout #8 Torringtons - not easy to find. The chain guard you have was used on the late 1930s bikes. In 1940 the guard went to the rear and wrapped around the rear sprocket. The remainder of the 40s it was shortened and bolted onto the rear dropout.

Looks like you've got everything under control. I'll check in again to see how it's going. Great job and Merry Christmas! Robert (Road Master)
Apr 26, 2014
Chicago, IL
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Thank you Robert, I'm proud to give it a good home. It really is a beautiful bicycle. And riding it really is something else, smooth, no shake, no rattle, just roll!

The rims cleaned up pretty good, a few rough spots, but I did re-stripe them to match the rest.

I do have the correct chain guard on its way... Not sure what route I will go, it's currently "blue." So we shall see.

Thank you again for the comments, I'm REALLY happy how this turned out so far.

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Jan 22, 2017
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This bike inspires me, my project is following a similar path. I'm thinking of fixing the original inverted handlebar
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May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
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It's Beautiful !!
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