1938-41 Entry level track bike

Definitely the hardest ridden bike of the build off!!!
I rode my Oranjaboom Bomber from class 1 about 40 miles in prep for the race I used it in and the race. I think I used this bike about the same before I finished it. I rode it on three 9+ mile rides on the Munising, Mi bike path and at least once and perhaps twice on the Marquette, Mi bike path for about 15 miles each time. I also rode it around our home several times. So probably I rode this bike 50 miles this summer before it was painted. I can't wait to ride it tomorrow in finished form if the weather cooperates.
This reminds me of the bike I built for a past build off, Simplistic Speed.
Nice, same frame as mine, it appears. I like the massive chain ring. The big chain rings were a popular look around 1900. I saw several old wood wheeled bikes with these big chain rings at a Michigan Wheelman's ride this spring and they told me big rings were a look back then. They also told me that my old track bike from 1890s without a head badge probably came that way. Pros rode with the head badge and unsponsored amateurs didn't have head badges. I thought that was interesting, it sounds like it could be true.
I rode it ten miles today. It's hard to ride compared to a road bike even from the 60s. I had a few problems which I fixed as I had tools on the ride. I have one more slight problem to work out to get it to where it was before paint. I'll do that right away because if I put this bike away for the winter without the fix I won't remember it needs tweaking before my first spring ride on it. I hate when I do that.