1938-41 Entry level track bike

Temperatures have been fall like at night. 60F now. About half the bracken ferns are dead from cold. The lakes, rivers and ponds are steaming in the AM as they are warmer than the air. The drought has ended with two days of rain in the last 3 days. I'm busy next week out of town an event to attend and kindling to collect. I want to try to dismantle this bike for paint next week. I have all my fire wood stacked and we have started hauling hardwood flooring shorts from the local flooring mill to be used as kindling. About two more truckloads of packed boxes and the wood will be done. We start burning in about 6 weeks. Time is short if I want to get this done.
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Ho haw, the brackens are color peaking, 50s F in the AM and a few maples are red (for two weeks on the hill tops, Northern Ontario hill tops are really red). I started getting ready for paint today, plastic coated my shed. I have to paint soon. Bracken color and maple color leaf and paint booth pictures to follow.
It's been in the 40s F each morning. It got up to 71 F yesterday. It's been doing this for quite awhile. I got the first layer of top paint on yesterday. I'll be putting it in the sun for a few days and then wet sand it. The final color will be a darker red. I used a can of Burgundy that I already had for an under coat. It's going to be tight but I think I can have the paint done and it assembled by September 9th. Here is a photo of it hanging this morning in the 40 degree weather. Prediction for today is a high of 74F, party sunny and 54 % humidity. It should be dry enough for sanding in 3 days if this keeps up.
Sweet paint job . We are still reaching triple digits , perfect hurricane weather ?
I want some of that. Too cold here and no risk. No hurricanes, tornadoes, crockagators or poisonous animals here. Boring. But you gotta bring a lighter and knife on your bike rides in the bush. That along with your shoe laces will get you through. I have seen plenty of bear an lots of deer but only about ten wolves and only one cougar up here so I feel safe riding in the bush by myself as long as I have the lighter, knife and laces. If you get lost or hurt you'r in deep do do without them. Airplanes have crashed, snowmobiles have been lost and people have gone hiking and missing up here, never to be found. I never take a hand gun on my deep woods rides. One place I was riding last year had a lot of wolf tracks on each ride and once I could smell them but I never saw any. I never know where I am going on a mountain bike ride, I see a faint trail and I take it. No one would find me until it's too late, unless you have the right stuff. I have found beautiful trails this way. Many of them are dead ends but those that you discover connecting are a pleasant surprise. I just got back from a 12 mile ride. One section no one knows about but me and is super over grown, and I have a stealth entrance. I put in a corduroy bridge through a swamp on it last summer. It's difficult riding and a very obscure trail, all climbing from the swamp. No one goes on this but me. My other trails are remote but there is a chance someone would come along. I have cleared the deadfalls just wide enough for a bike and no 4 wheelers have been through. I have a 50 mile dirt route that leaves from my front door. It would be easy to put together a 100 or more miles of dirt and gravel frome where I live but I don't have the stamina to ride it.
It's sweet painting a frame when it's not below freezing, I forgot how much better this is. I usually have to wait two weeks before I can paint over a base coat to avoid living. A few days ago I took a chance and sprayed a small area on the chain stay that was a little light and it didn't lift, after about 60 hours. However, the paint still feels slightly sticky everywhere and I can smell it in the AM when I take it out of my shop to hang outside. It's been raining for two days so it will stay in the shop. I don't know if it is dry enough for wet sanding as it is still a little tacky. The primer is two stage epoxy so that dried quickly, but the spray bomb is not as dry as I would like. I think I'll start wet sanding tomorrow and hope for the best.
It's 54F and raining today. I went for a 5 mile mountain bike ride this morning to try out some different trail sections that I haven't been riding on in about 25 years. Theses trail sections are not nearly as nice as they were years ago, too much use now. I used to ride this trail 35 years ago with an old 3 speed converted to a single speed. Too much sand now, you need wider tires and lower gearing. We had a big storm yesterday, snapped off telephone poles, hail etc. There are a lot of trees down so I spent the rest of the day cutting out trail deadfalls. I think there are a lot more for me to find yet. I have a 50 mile dirt ride and it is a pain keeping it open. Last winter we had near record snow and rain on top of it. Riding my trails requires safety glasses as the branches have almost obscured many miles of trail because of the weight of the iced up snow bring the braces down. Too much for one guy to clear so you just have to bushwhack it. I have a big log to cut out tomorrow, it's at the bottom of a big downhill, so it's dangerous to leave it. It will get nice again later in the week and I will start sanding then, or else just put it together with a bad paint job, depends on the weather.
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Like I mention earlier with this hot weather we have been having now hurricane dorian has us right between her sights .
What a difference two days drive south makes. Even 4 hours south and they have some different birds and trees. It's almost 11 PM now and the temperature is actually rising, it's now 58F. It's going to be highs in the 60s for the rest of the week.
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I started sanding the base coat. I got bored and went for a 33 mile mountain bike ride in the sun, then poring rain, then the sun, then drizzle, sun again and I finished as it was threatening rain again. I thought a lot about quitting when it stared to rain hard. The bike and myself got pretty muddy. I cleared quite a few limbs and rotten trees that had fallen on my trail since the storm we had a few days ago. Good news, its all clear until the next storm. I have a family gathering starting tomorrow about 100 miles away so I won't be sanding for a few days. It's looking grim for finishing on time. I am racing in the Marji Gesick endurance race on September 21 so I have been riding more and getting my bike and kit ready. This is the hardest single day mountain bike race in the USA and after my struggles today I'm 99% sure that I won't be able to finish. Marji Gesic was the Indian Chief that showed the white man where there iron ore was. The translation of his name means bad day. I'll never try again so this is my one chance. The prep for this race is eating into my sanding and painting schedule. I saw a bicycle training book for masters in Borders. I looked at it, cut off age for training schedules was 50 years old. I'm way past that. I looked to see what this book recommended as a training priority that I could do. It said that hydration was very important. Last week I started training for this race by drinking a few more daily beers. I hope their advice pans out. The entry level track bike is on the back burner.
It's almost done. I should be able to finish tonight. I have a 120 mile road trip to make now but I should be back in time to put on the front brake, attach the seat support and wrap the bars with cloth tape. It's raining again so any final pictures will have to be in my shop. I rode it a lot this summer without the paint so I know it's good.