folding bikes

  1. SirMike1983

    Raleigh Twenty Headset

    Headset parts for a Raleigh Twenty. This includes the hard-to-find plastic sleeve that dampens the steering. Great parts if you need to finish a Twenty back to stock headset configuration. $70 shipped in the lower 48 states.
  2. franconuevo

    Royce Union Folder

    This is a cool story. I always wanted to mess with one of these folding bikes, but the only ones that I've seen here on Clist are some Dahons that are rusted solid, and always asking 100 dollars. I saw this little Royce Union , made in Germany at my local Thrift about a week ago...looked...
  3. franconuevo

    50s Foldable Twins: Do we have anything here?

    2 vintage 1950's era German bicycles. They are both exactly the same. Foldable. $75.00 That's what the ad says, anyway. I looked for info on these bikes, couldn't really find anything Anyone familiar with them..? I'd like to hear your ideas on these bikes. I live , like a mile and a half from...