1. Phil Zone

    SOLD CWC frame Roadmaster Badge (repaint) $100 + shipping

    CWC Frame: appears structurally sound. Older repaint. (I don't know what is under repaint) Roadmaster Badge $ 125 plus shipping via bikeflights
  2. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Trade my sprocket for your 26t sprocket

    Hello Party People! I would like to trade for a 26t chain wheel (sprocket) in this design (CWC I believe): I am offering ONE of the following sprockets in trade: 24t CWC Roadmaster NOS 52t WALD I am also open to a Westfield made 26t sprocket. I only seem to find 24t, but if you have a...
  3. BobbyStillz

    1948 Roadmaster Custom

  4. Flying Zombie

    Could be a ...?

    Hey Fellas! I made a pretty decent pick-up recently for a Zenith Badged Prewar, however WITH that one, came a pretty neat 20" 50's Schwinn wearing a Monark Deluxe guard a GEM of a Prewar 20" Skiptooth that I have almost absolute certainty is a Cleveland Welding, according to not only Daniel...
  5. Flying Zombie

    CWC frame/parts

    Looking to see what you fellas have for CWC stuff these days. Shoot me a message with the frames/parts/ whole bikes you've got for sale, please! It's time I get back in the game FZ
  6. Laxbeaver

    Disassembling the Roadmaster

    Hi all, I thought I'd share some pics (and a boatload of questions) about taking apart this Roadmaster. I can't offer a lot of advice on the forum, so I thought maybe you'd find it interesting. Also nice for me to document it too. I've had the bike for two weeks now and got quite a few parts off...

    SOLD 1953 Hiawatha badged CWC built Flying Falcon 3 speed

    1953 Hiawatha badged, CWC built Flying Falcon 3 speed with new brake pads front and rear, Brampton 3 speed hub. This bike was only made for 2 years, so there's not that many out there. This was their answer for the people that didn't want a 3 speed balloon tire Schwinn. It's a rider as is and...
  8. Flying Zombie


    Just need the one. Hardware appreciated.
  9. Flying Zombie

    What year is my Schwinn?

    Just Kidding, not a Schwinn but no one was replying :rofl: So this is pending arrival, but its been shook on., I Believe based on the fender brace in the back being Curved defines it as Snyder, from a little digging around on the Cabe., as well as the dropouts being flat instead of having the...
  10. TheHoosierNovice

    1950 or 1951 (?) CWC Roadmaster (?)

    Picked up my first (and VERY crusty) CWC frame earlier this Fall for $30. Came with a set of 20-gauge wheels, a straight-trussed Shockmaster fork, and a coat of (lo-and-behold) spray undercoating over everything, but no badge (see 2nd photo). Stripping this "finish" away reveals a pitted but...
  11. Little Neutrino

    Little Neutrino

    BONINE entry, customized 1936 Hawthorne rebuilt by GuitarlCarl
  12. Little Neutrino

    Little Neutrino

    1936 Hawthorne cwc built "Best of Show" original frame, fork and rear wheel
  13. Little Neutrino

    Little Neutrino

    custom plexiglass tank closeup, 1936 Hawthorne
  14. Little Neutrino

    Little Neutrino

    1936 Hawthorne at the Launching Pad in Wilmington Il