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  1. noodlenoggin

    Hello from the Mitten !

    Dang, man, that's 16 miles away! Some time when the moon aligns with Jupiter's third house (or whatever) and I'm not on the road for work, we'll have to meet up on the rail-trail or something.
  2. noodlenoggin

    RRBBO13 The Grey Goose " Finished "

    Oh snap! New Union is like 16 miles from me!
  3. noodlenoggin

    Hello from the Mitten !

    Hey, welcome from another West Michigan member. I'm not on here much, but cool to see someone from the area. I'm in Ionia, where are you?
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    The Screaming Rabbit -- Finished (new video)

    I'm sorry I didn't read this whole thread before now -- I love LOVE what I call "engineering proofs of concept." You know, Volkswagons with jet motors; dart guns made from Super Soakers; bicycles with car tires/wheels; sidecars made from 2x4's; Lego rocket-cars. (three of these things I've...
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    Buildoff Trends

    Unfortunate trend...griping about votes and fairness now that the building's done. :(
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    Voting, Schmoting

    I'm seeing a few threads and posts grousing about the voting, which is par for the course when you bring competition into things, I guess. We all had to pick three out of 88 really amazing bikes. (Well, 87 amazing bikes and mine. :D) I couldn't vote for some bikes that I really, REALLY liked...
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    I just saw that someone actually voted for Middle Child. Holy crap, in this field, someone thought my bike was in their top three? That's amazing -- I'm happy to just get ONE vote in one of these build-offs.
  8. noodlenoggin

    Middle Child

  9. noodlenoggin

    Middle Child

    Otherwise known as "as it came from Huffy." :21: Actually, I wanted to put the shifter on a frame tube, but the bracket wouldn't reach around the larger tube and I didn't want to cut it up. Thanks!
  10. noodlenoggin

    Middle Child

    Photos in morning light with the good camera... Middle Child -- Huffy Sea Trails by Nick, on Flickr Middle Child -- Huffy Sea Trails by Nick, on Flickr Middle Child -- Huffy Sea Trails by Nick, on Flickr Middle Child -- Huffy Sea Trails by Nick, on Flickr Middle Child -- Huffy Sea...
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    Love me that style of Mustang...those were new when I was in high school and until my early 20's.
  12. noodlenoggin

    Columbia Convertible Commuter *FINISHED*

    Glasses frames for Sid the Sloth?
  13. noodlenoggin

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    I like (LIKE) what you've got going on. But, when I saw this picture: I could really see it with straight drag bars, or even clubman bars, cafe-racer style.
  14. noodlenoggin

    Build Off Highlights

    nateyboy's HellCamino has got cool just dripping off it. Love the deep fenders. The pinstripe's nice, too. The stance, the apes, the overall chunkiness of it... And some really cool detail work leading to this shifter.
  15. noodlenoggin

    Build Off Highlights

    Oh dear. Is there an "anti-highlights" thread? Build-off lowlights maybe? Because... karfer67 has revealed that he drinks...not just Old Milwaukee...but NON-ALCOHOLIC Old Milwaukee! :eek: All of the terrible flavor...none of the buzz. Relax, I'm poking fun. Still...might bring your own...
  16. noodlenoggin

    B0-X----- WEENIE WAGON -----B0-X

    If it helps to visualize, I built my wife's bike with gumwall tires and gold spray-canned rims: IMG_0054 by Nick, on Flickr The original sized pic on Flickr is big enough to fill your screen with just the front rim/tire if you zoom in.
  17. noodlenoggin

    Build Off Highlights

    Mmm...I love complex machinery, and roadwarrior has it on his Ramchargers Drag Bike. Some kind of automatic hub that I've never heard of but looks coool on the inside: \
  18. noodlenoggin

    The Ugly Duck (Black Phantom Klunker)

    SHHHHH!!!!! Don't say that out LOUD! Dontcha know that those are forbidden now? You'll get lumped in with the "anti-vaxers" and "gay marriage haters" and Donald Trump! :21:
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    Build Off Highlights

    Jeez! cburke has a frickin' SPIDER on Arachnid!