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  1. karl

    Stretched Racer 1

    A few years ago i designed a frame in Sketchup, the concept is a stretched frame, with a focus on speed and function over form. I had two of them built by a craftsman. Now i finally have them built up, and am quite pleased with the results. The design: And the result. Pretty close! I proudly...
  2. karl

    Tajik women rejecting local taboos – on their bikes Go girls go!
  3. karl

    ElMacho by Remco van der Heijden

    Found this awesome bike built by: Remco van der Heijden in the Netherlands for sale here:
  4. karl

    Finished Lady Snake

    My objectives for this bike were minimalism, (also for practical reasons) sturdiness, light of weight, comfort and of course style. I hope to have, at least partly, succeeded in achieving these goals. Cheers!!
  5. karl

    Lady Snake

    This will be a new bike for my girlfriend who does a lot of cycling for her job. I want to turn this: into something like this: (sort off). The bike will have 26 inch wheel instead of 28, and a slightly longer fork for a more laid back geometry. The original decals will be covered with...
  6. karl

    Amsterdam City Tour

    Built for a colleague: Micargi frame, kronan fork, lepper seat, aluminium seatpost, crankset, rack, kickstand, and bottom bracket converter. bmx headset, mtb fenders
  7. karl dreambicycles

    Is anyone familiar with ? It is an online bicycledesign application. Here are a few of my unfortunately never build designs to demonstrate what it is capable of: Here is a link to these designs, you can open them in the bikecadprogram.
  8. karl

    phillipine bicycleculture

    In search of bicyclesidecar data i stumbled upon these: ¨A Philippine pedicab is called a traysikad', trisikad--or simply sikad--or padyak (to tramp or stamp one's feet) and is made by mounting a sidecar to a regular bicycle. ¨ (wiki) Did some more googling and found out they make awesome...
  9. karl

    felt light sled

    Bought myself a felt lead sled and stripped everything off to make it as light as possible. Aluminium crankset, seatpost, rack, headset, bottombracket converter and rims. 24X3.0 big apple tires nexus 3speed, giant 29 inch fork. As with many lead sleds, the kickstand had come loose, It is now...
  10. karl

    Eastern Star Supersport 30s Indian frame

    I could not resist buying this nos prewar Eastern Star Made in India frame plus fenders, so i turned it into this for my girl: Its a 28 inch frame, but the slightly larger kronan fork compensates for the slightly smaller 26 inch wheels, and ads a bit of rake
  11. karl

    black stretched streetracer

    Wanted to make this as clean and lightweight as possible, but i have to have a rack! Nexus 3 speed, 52/16, alu shimano vintage race crankset, micargi mustang gts frame, kronan frontfork, lepper seat, need a black lunchbox..
  12. karl

    OGK No.12 axle conversion

    Recently bought me a pair of these: Does anybody know if it is possible to convert the axle to coaster brake?
  13. karl

    Vintage Locomotief Crossframe ghostrestauration

    Not sure if this counts as a ratrod: 3 speed sturmey archer 26X1.3/8 aluminium wheelset, stripped and painted the frame primer grey then clearcoated. Lepper seat.
  14. karl

    bicycle science

    Why does a moving bicycle not fall over? TU Delft casts aside some old theories..
  15. karl

    Merdeka! Amsterdam

    Another Loco Joe Chop i built for a friend::
  16. karl


    Bought this bike 2nd hand for 120E, peeled off the decals (argh), Added a carrier and a headlight, a new lepper seat and steco seatpost, new pedals, apehangers and headstem. Tuned and lubed all the axels.
  17. karl

    Absolute Speed World Record Bicycle

    Not mine unfortunately, but owned by: Fred Rompelberg, Maastricht, the Netherlands, eldest professional cyclist in the world, current holder of the Absolute Speed World Record Cycling with 268,831 km/h.: Rider: Fred Rompelberg, Maastricht, The...
  18. karl

    one to watch! Wonderful movie of the Gazelle factory in Dieren, The Netherlands, 1925. Google translation:
  19. karl

    schwinn bobber recycled parts

    Bmx crankset and seatpost meets cruiser and mountainbikefork. Brooks seat.Led light.
  20. karl

    wind driven rickshaw