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  1. TroutFishingInAmerica

    S-2 front cone **FOUND**

    Front S-2 Schwinn hub cone. I'll take a whole axel assembly, bearings etc. if you want to sell it, but just need the cone. Be safe.
  2. TroutFishingInAmerica

    Latest build, a spoof skip tooth

    Flat bars and long stem, cork grips, spurcycle bell, Brooks saddle, nexus 3. Slightly bent Humber Duplex Fork, I wouldn't say they are rare but they definitely are hard to find, the sexy swooping curve it has definitely changes the geromerty. Jocky shift. Faux skip tooth. Took a grinder 1/2...
  3. TroutFishingInAmerica

    Rat bike guys adjustable wrench.

    I remember years ago I saw a adjustable wrench that had really thin jaws. I've bought a couple of the "blue handle" bike wrenches, ground down some wrenches. I never have the right one. Sometimes you just need a thin backup wrench in a tight spot, probably won't use that size again for years...
  4. TroutFishingInAmerica

    WTB Shamano Nexus 3 lock nut

    Need lock for nut Shamano Nexus 3 speed. Cog side, large lock nut. Need just one. On the cog side (r/h side looking forward) the axel increases diameter close to the cog, I need the lock nut for the larger diameter part of the axel. Bought a pack of 10 and they fit the small dia. part of the...
  5. TroutFishingInAmerica


    US-89 Name US-89 is for US Route 89. 89 is arguably the most scenic Route in the USA. Route 66 and 101 get lots of attention and it seems 89 doesn't get the respect it deserves. This bike build is in respect for US-89.
  6. TroutFishingInAmerica

    21.15 Schwinn Gooseneck (Stem) FOUND

    Wanted 21.15 Schwinn Gooseneck.
  7. TroutFishingInAmerica

    No Serial Number

    I bought a prewar Schwinn Model C frame on line, I love those frames. High bottom bracket, layed back steer tube, straight down tube, they are just beautiful. Well, looks like the serial number was removed, dang it. It really bothered me, my friends thought it was funny and that I was overly...
  8. TroutFishingInAmerica

    Wanted Felt rear rack (found one)

    Looking for Felt cruiser rear rack. Just acquired a frame and before I cut the rack mounts off I thought I would see if I could find a rack.
  9. TroutFishingInAmerica

    1960 Rat Build

    Picked up a 1960 Schwinn frame and forks from a fellow RRB member. Paint isn't real good but it's original so it's staying. BB spins nice, probably just service it, headset feels like it has pea gravel for bearings, I have a extra head set if need be. I should have everything needed except a...
  10. TroutFishingInAmerica

    Tap Talk

    I keep getting that annoying Tap Talk advertisement banner. The X to close it out is tiny. I was wondering how many of you use tap talk and what the advantage would be if any.
  11. TroutFishingInAmerica

    Worksman 3 speed wheel -FOUND-

    Wanted Worksman rear wheel 26 inch complete with Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub. Have Worksman single speed coaster break wheel complete for partial payment if you are interested.
  12. TroutFishingInAmerica

    No Serial Numbers, No Go

    Dang, Worksman INB on a for sale app (don't know if I can say the app or not), no numbers, none, nothing. $60 for a rider. I told the guy it was a Worksman he didn't know what it was, said it was given to him. I'm thinking... well... this ain't right. Was painted with a brush, another red flag...
  13. TroutFishingInAmerica


    WA State. Pacific Northwest. Had a small vintage bike collection stolen years ago. Thought I was done with it, well, I'm back. This Forum is fantastic, friendly, helpful, and humorous, glad I found you guys.