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  1. J

    Weekend Suprise rollfast

    I went to college station to see my girlfriend this weekend and when i came back I found this in my backyard. Aperantly my parents went to a garage sale and asked about this and 2 other mountain bikes that were sitting there with no price tag on them and the family just wanted them gone so my...
  2. J

    Moved Back Home Starting on a new bike

    Ok I recently moved back in with my parents and am substitute teaching so I have quite a bit of free time so I started on another bike. I decided on black and pink since its a girls bike. Ill post a few more pics as I take them im a lil further on it than these pics cuz im done with the...
  3. J

    My first build for profit

    Just started it first time trying to build a bike for profit but already have another customer lined up so ill see how this goes. Im using the firestone I picked up off the curb and basicly just doing a restoration job on it. heres how it started Busted down only problem is I couldnt get the...
  4. J

    Price check

    I havent seen the bike yet the lady is bringing it to my work on wendsday for me to look at and maybe purchase. She said it was a ladies Shelby Skyrider. She says it looks complete even has the original chain but it has been sitting outside since at least the 80's prolly longer. She says you...
  5. J

    Why it pays to sculpt your guns

    Well went out to the gym after work and on my way back i saw this by a dumpster so I ran over to my brothers and picked up the truck came back and threw it in the back didnt even look at it untill I got home. But I'm excited somebody put some mountian bike tires on it but those will soon be...
  6. J

    '76 Schwinn Speedster

    Saw this at a thrift store they wanted 60 but I talked them down to 40 and figured it was an ok price so I picked it up. I wanted another single speed cruiser but this should be fun. I dont know what I'm gonna do with it yet if I'm gonna rat it up or just make it look like a classic all I know...
  7. J


    Hey who out there has a facebook profile and if we ahve enough people we should start a group, Just a thought
  8. J

    New toys

    Well heres my old toy box that I filled up so i had to... Buy a new toy chest and.. Some new toys to add to the box So ya im very excited got a great deal on it cuz the chest and tool set was discontinued and I got my employee discount and 1 year no intrest on it all
  9. J

    West Texas Builder

    Hey everybody im new here been lurking the threads for a few weeks and finialy have a reason to post. Well I'm working on my first bike right now as a present for a friend and I started a thread in the builds. I'm more into cars I've built a 1950 dodge cornet, helped my friend restore his 73...
  10. J

    Dorm Bike

    Im in college and live in the dorms so I dont have a lot of room. Anyways I went to a flea market and a man pulled up and was unloading his truck and I saw the bike in the back of his truck and asked him how much. Well he started talking in spanish and i didnt get much of it but I was able to...