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  1. IronDio

    Re-routing chain

    Has anybody tried this to change your chainline? I switched the wheels on my BONINE build "The Graverobber", and now I have rubbing issues in my chain line. The ring stays in place when I pedal it, but, I still need to go bigger. I just want to know if anybody has tried this, and have you had...
  2. IronDio

    Las Ditch F-4T: Finally

    Here is my "Las Ditch F-4T". I hope you like it as much as I do!
  3. IronDio

    Las Ditch F-4T

    The Lead Sled is dead. I didn't think I would enter a bike this year after I gave up on the Sled. Then, I went to the annual local Car Show/Swap Meet... **Sauturday** I found this beauty! I was in love, and got it for a pretty fair price! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  4. IronDio

    CCM Ninja: Calling it Done!

    So, I picked this CCM up a couple of years ago: I've had some fun with it, and it has existed in a few different forms, the most recent being: But, this frame is a nice, lightweight, clean design...I wanted to build a commuter styled bike, possibly a fixie. This was the best candidate among my...
  5. IronDio

    What Is Your Work Space Like?

    I know all of us come from different backgrounds and areas, and have vastly different approaches and arrays of tools... But we all have one thing in common, we all have somewhere that we build our creations. This could be a cool way to get to know each other better. Let's see what you've got!
  6. IronDio

    Lead Sled (Vlog 2 Posted)

    I'm super excited for this year's build off! It wasn't long after last year that I started school for the fall and pretty much had no time to enjoy this site. School is winding down for the year, and I actually plan on jumping into a build before the last 2 weeks this year. No pics yet. I have...
  7. IronDio

    Final Specs?

    I am just curious on how some of these beauties spec out, is anybody else? Sometime this weekend, hopefully, I want to try to figure out: Overall length Ground clearance Seat height Overall height Weight (without rider) And any other interesting measurements Is anybody else as curious on these...
  8. IronDio

    Hiawatha Seneca (almost there)

    Well, coming off of the Build Off, and I want to try to get this Seneca rolling. I picked it up at a swap meet strictly because of the chain ring and the patina. Some back story on the purchase. A big storm was rolling in, and they announced that they were closing down everything and people...
  9. IronDio


    Am I the only one that is already dreaming about BOX (I submit for Build off 10)?? My plan came to me last night in a moment of great it is killing me that I can't touch the thing until next May! At least I can formulate a plan and gather materials. That is legal, right? To collect...
  10. IronDio

    …can I just say?..

    I just wanted to commend everybody that is participating in the build off! I tried not to look at any of the builds since I decided I might (finally) participate (in a build off). I did want to get inspired by anybody else's ideas, so that any parallels would be purely coincidental. That being...
  11. IronDio

    The Graverobber

    I present to you, The Graverobber!
  12. IronDio

    Rocket by Monarch

    Found this beauty at the annual swap meet yesterday. Probably paid too much, but it spoke to me...all those old decals are like tattoos on it. Love it!
  13. IronDio

    The Graverobber: Complete

    I've really been itching to build this bike for a few years now. But, having gone back to school, I have very little spare time to build anything very involved. I also don't know if I would be finished in time for the build-off. How much can they be modified? Anyway… I got this Schwinn frame...
  14. IronDio

    The mIndian

    So, I have not posted in a very long time. I've been messing around with this and that, but haven't really felt like anything was worth wasting anyone's time with a post…then this idea came to me: I had some old Columbia 3 Star parts that were hanging out in my parts pile waiting for a home. I...
  15. IronDio

    Cycovator Quickie

    This is my first post since the site changed. I've been in school, so, I haven't had much of any time to work on bikes. This fall, a guy I know from work cleaned up an estate and brought me a pickup truck load of bike frames and parts for $25! Amongst the "glorious" rubble of the muscle bikes...
  16. IronDio

    Low 'N Ratty

    I picked up this bike last weekend... It has a bunch of mismatched parts on it, but I saw potential. Here's where I am so far... I want to get the front of the banana seat right down on the frame and back a little further. I also need to either brace or ditch the rear fender. The paint was a...
  17. IronDio

    American Beauty

    Went into a local antiques shop looking for an old Chevy trunk emblem, and stumbled across this beauty! 1961 according to the serial number. Spent a few hours cleaning it up with my special weapons Meguier's Quick Detail Spray and 0000 Steel Wool. Then put about 3 coats of Turtle Wax Ice to...
  18. IronDio


    So, I picked up this CCM a couple of months back. Now that school's wrapping up for the semester, I can give it a little attention. It's a pretty sweet bike! I had an idea to use an old sissy bar as truss rods. I didn't like the legs being straight, so I used my tubing roller and gave them a...
  19. IronDio

    Next Project: First Mockup

    I've had this project on my mind since last spring. It started when I got an old Columbia ladies bike from a buddy. It was basically half destroyed because his dad backed his semi over it, but the front half was good. I cut off what was bent and started looking at what was looked good...
  20. IronDio

    Firestone 500...not a build, just some tweaking

    Picked this bike up from a Pawn shop last fall. It is pretty awesome! But, I can't leave well enough, a few changes: That oh-so-sweet seatcover had to go. Somebody named "MICHEAL L." decided his name needed to adorn the faded seat beneath (sorry no BEFORE pic), so, I renewed it a...