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  1. Duchess

    Crack in rim?

    Bikes with similar wheels are curb-left all the time and you should be able to pick up a set really cheap if you can find a co-op or some place that takes donations, maybe even CL. I threw out a set when I moved last as they were the remainder from when I spent too much money upgrading an old...
  2. Duchess

    Single vs. dual cable brake levers

    I think it would all depend on how you designed it and what parts you used. I would think synchronizing the braking with two cables (especially if at least one of them has an adjustable cable stop) would be easier than trying to do it with two brakes off one cable, but you might be able to come...
  3. Duchess

    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    You can find military fonts online for free. I used an old US Army one.
  4. Duchess

    made in china

    Having worked in manufacturing in QC and process engineering, I think that "China made" is only as bad as the spec they were given and paid for. Quality items do come out of there if people want to pay for them (though, often they come from more mature manufacturing economies where the higher...
  5. Duchess

    Nuthin Special

    It's pretty similar to my USAAF bike and I have Nitto Albatross bars on it. Not exactly the same, but they do sweep back and it's the one bike I would keep if I could only keep one partly because it's so comfortable. If it had bars that came back farther, I think it would still be a nice ride.
  6. Duchess

    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    I used the same color on my USAAF bike. What I like about the military style is that if it gets scratched up, it can be sloppily touched up and look better for the patchiness.
  7. Duchess

    Good entry level road bike?

    You might also want to look at touring bikes, which are similar to road bikes but defer towards comfort and carrying capacity over outright speed. Gearing would be lower, more relaxed geometry. They're certainly meant for long distances.
  8. Duchess

    Strange Rear Wheel

    It was a type of derailleur, but I can't remember what it was called or the details. I think the tab things lifted the chain for different ratios. It might have been an auto shifter, too, but my memory isn't very good.
  9. Duchess

    Wondering about information on this bike

    Unless it's a labor of love, don't spend too much on it—these Spaceliner-types are worth about a few hundred bucks complete and in mint condition, especially the step-through versions. I paid $25 for a frame for Interrobang and someone said I overpaid. After working on it, then riding the...
  10. Duchess

    Who else dares to run ancient tubes?

    I trust old tubes more than the dice roll of new ones that seem to often be pre-punctured for your inconvenience. If they hold air, I use them. Being encased within a tire and unfolded, they're not exposed to the UV or ozone that prematurely deteriorates rubber. I don't run high pressure tires...
  11. Duchess

    What have you been riding lately?

    Just took Interrobang around the neighborhood (there's a crane taking off the remain of the roof of the neighbor's burned out house. I didn't take a picture because it seems ghoulish to me) and thought I'd see what it looked like as a lawn ornament. It's a shame these daffodils don't look good...
  12. Duchess

    Use a stem extender?

    I think it would depend on how long your fork tube sticks up. It probably makes no real world difference here, but the shorter bolt would stretch less assuming the same material and size, so I would think it's intended that you would use that unless it wouldn't reach the fork tube.
  13. Duchess

    Yet ANOTHER tangent.... custom 1910 style English "sloping top tube" Path Racer project.

    You have way more patience than I've had collectively in my lifetime! I gave up on box pinstriping the chainstays on my 2000 Iver Johnson because I was impatient and nobody would notice. They don't, but I do and I regret not going that little bit further. When hipsters were still building fixies...
  14. Duchess

    Summer Build Off?

    I think I ended up tied for something like 45th place with Retro Rocket, but I've seen people ignore exotic cars for it when I ride. I can't compete on craftsmanship with the top builders, but I consider it a win that it spreads cheer wherever it goes and when everyone asks me about the bike, I...
  15. Duchess

    What have you been riding lately?

    I think you're right. I did find pictures of a solid black one and I eventually found a picture of one in this copper-brown color, though it didn't have the black head (I've seen one of these before on a bike trail through a swamp and its head was much more distinctly black than this one)...
  16. Duchess

    What have you been riding lately?

    Not a recent picture, but after knocking another hole in the beaver dam, I was taking this for a ride when . . . I encountered this snake on the bridge over the "moat". It's about 2' long. Although it's a solid color and not mottled like it's "supposed" to be, consensus seems to be that it's...
  17. Duchess

    SPRING - 1950

    Even within my lifetime, I've noticed that people are visually aging slower. This isn't the best example, but I was looking up Richard Kuklinski, a hitman for various NY mafia families, and landed on an associate, Roy DeMeo, who was killed at 43—my age. Dude looked like he was almost 70. Sure...
  18. Duchess

    I need some wisdom you guys

    Welcome to the site! I don't know these types of bikes specifically and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but the bottom bracket is most likely standard American for a one-piece crank. For the head tube diameter, someone probably knows that, too, but I recommend getting a set of...
  19. Duchess

    so-cal foose cruiser, llooking for more info on it

    He is a designer—he went to Art Center for transportation design. I'm not sure if they teach it so much anymore, but that's pretty standard old school car design rendering where it's a style and set of techniques that's as much meant to be a language to communicate an idea in a quick, efficient...
  20. Duchess

    Surge in Bike Sales

    If more people saw that bikes can be more than box store junk, uninspiring generalist bikes, or expensive full on racing or mountain bikes, the possibilities for creativity and how much cheaper and easier to store they are than cars might keep their interest after this pandemic eases.