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  1. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    It's a great rider. I need to file the brake pads or something... right now only the bottom edges of the pads are hitting the rims and braking is pretty weak. It feels much lighter than the red Typhoon in the pics above... lighter to pick it up and carry it, and lighter on its feet (wheels?)...
  2. ParkRNDL

    Bikes on bridges

    Same bridge, different day. '67 Speedster (and current RRBBO build).
  3. ParkRNDL

    Bikes on bridges

    '75 Typhoon, PA Rail-Trail over the Conococheague Creek
  4. ParkRNDL

    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    heh. The "manifolds" are actually 3-D printed.
  5. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Grammaw Patina Bike

    Yeah, I am finding the same thing about shed prices. I really like the idea of a little kit like that. I have just the spot around back by our heat pump. But I would probably need to have someone come in and level the ground there, especially hearing that it's crucial to the assembly process...
  6. ParkRNDL

    BO15 No Name No Frame

    I recently rode a friend's Felt Rail 29er. It has a Sturmey kickback like that. Very slick.
  7. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Grammaw Patina Bike

    hey, so talk to me about this little shed... where did you get it? how big is it? it's hard to get a sense of scale from the pictures. fairly easy to put together? We currently have a shed attached to the side of the garage. It's long and narrow with a door at each end. One end is mostly my...
  8. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Skidwell GTS

    Reiterating what others have said... love the lines of that frame.
  9. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Unknown BMX bike - Maybe Western Flyer

    Love the headlight conversion! I have done a couple of lights using the guts from LED flashlights. Am I seeing right that you're using an LED bulb with an old-school screw-in base? Where does one find such a creature, and are there different voltage options? Thanks! Great build, by the way! Big...
  10. ParkRNDL

    '75 Schwinn Typhoon

    at least that's what I think it is based on the serial...
  11. ParkRNDL

    20" wheel with 3 speed Shimano hub

    I found what's left of an early '70s Columbia muscle bike at a yard sale for next to nothing. Came with no wheels and no shifter. Lucked out and got a Shimano 3-speed stick fairly reasonable off Fleabay. All I need now is a 20" rear wheel with a Shimano 3-speed hub to make it a rider...
  12. ParkRNDL


    recycled last year's RRBBO project
  13. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    Oh, I'm not pitching it just yet, but I knew if I didn't go get some soon, I would end up running out in the middle of a project somewhere down the road... :):rofl::rolleyes:
  14. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    Back to the build at hand. To complement the early-days-of-BMX vibe I am shooting for (and because it's cheaper than a Sugino spider and chainring), I decided to go with a Varisty inner sprocket like some of the early Scramblers used. @Karate Chicken Industries was kind enough to part with one...
  15. ParkRNDL

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    DANG. I was all the way back to page THREE. And this isn't even an update on my build-off bike, but rather a little side excursion. This project was one I was considering for the build-off, but it wasn't much of a project... really just a frame swap. Had to find some new BB bearings, as the...
  16. ParkRNDL

    Bike Sales Are UP !!

    Walmart today: If you want a 12" or 16" Disney-themed bike, you might be in luck...
  17. ParkRNDL

    Fuji Cambridge: camelback frame!

    Every time I post a Collegiate or Speedster project, folks here show lots of love for the camelback frame design. Maybe someone close enough to Baltimore will be interested in this one... Pic from ad: I...
  18. ParkRNDL


    How did you flatten the tubes of the extension where they are drilled for bolts?
  19. ParkRNDL


    THIS IS FASCINATING. I saw this in your Facebook post and couldn't get enough. I have a few frames headed for scrap that just might possibly work for the extension part, but they're not really tall, so I don't know if the angles would work out. I need to get out in the garage and do a...
  20. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    16 mile ride along the C&O Canal. I rode the red Tornado (Deliveri), my son rode the black Speedster (my current RRBBO build), and my daughter rode the Ross Mt. Rushmore. The Tornado has a red band 2-speed on it. It's perfect for this trail. Switched out the seat on the Speedster for my son...