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  1. micvin

    1964 Scwhinn ladies bike....what model?

    Thanks Wildcat. I do believe it is an American Deluxe. The chain guard is chrome and the inside of the bottom bracket is blue (Radiant?). I like the red that it was repainted at one time, but it wasn't a great paint job so my uncle may want me to repaint it to it's original color. Is there a...
  2. micvin

    1964 Scwhinn ladies bike....what model?

    I am in the process of restoring this bike for my uncle as a Valentine's surprise for his wife. The serial number is D444665 so I know the year is 1964, but not sure on the model. I just realized that the upper bar has some tabs on the bottom of it which I am guessing is for a slimline tank. Can...
  3. micvin

    SOLD Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub

  4. micvin

    SOLD Springer Fork (Paintable - not chrome)

    Still available?
  5. micvin

    SOLD Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub

    Let me know how the pending goes. I may be interested after I test out the 3-speed on a family member's bike restore.
  6. micvin


    oops, I have no idea why I thought the deadline was 8/31. :(
  7. micvin

    TPP '68 Schwinn Twinn (2nd build)

    Well, I have another build HERE, but I bought a Schwinn Tandem bike and my wife wants it redone for our Vintage Rental business as an item to be rented out for photo shoots, weddings and events so it will hopefully be ready in 1-2 weeks since it took precedent to my other build, which really...
  8. micvin

    Dear Darlin' Donna

    Quick update since I haven't replied in 2-1/2 months. ..... Not much progress, but buying parts. Sidenote: bought a tandem and it slipped in as my main project for my wife's vintage rental business. I will now post a new Build since I started it after this one and hopefully it will be done in a...
  9. micvin


    Mine will look similar to yours before paint. haha. I love it! Subscribed!
  10. micvin

    $50 CL finds

    Paid $50 for both and I am stoked! I love finding gems like these for so cheap. Cheap to me at least. lol. Pic extensive... BF Goodrich Sabre: Huffy Silver Jet: When I got them in my possession:
  11. micvin

    Build Off Ten - Participant Location Map

    Done. I also put my build link into the description. Lets go straight to my build instead of searching my screen name. Just saying.;)
  12. micvin

    Dear Darlin' Donna

    No update other than buying another pair of tires. I just wanted to see how these compare to the Quick Bricks I have... I've been really busy with an event my wife has this weekend at the house. So many Honey-Dos
  13. micvin

    Dear Darlin' Donna

    Well, my initial plan is to keep the color and patina with some clear, but once I get new wheels and tires will determine if I stay with that plan or not. And thanks for the welcomes.
  14. micvin

    Dear Darlin' Donna

    Well, this will be my first time involved in the RRBBO and pretty much my first build ever. We'll see how far I get and how far of a competition I am with all the talented people on here. I first introduced a pair of Huffy his and her Good Vibration bikes that I found at a flea market, HERE. My...
  15. micvin

    Keeping em ratty

    ha, the rear tire actually popped 5 minutes after that photo was taken
  16. micvin

    Keeping em ratty

    So, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were heading to her Dad's house when I spotted a pair of Huffy Cool Vibration cruisers at small resale shop having an outdoor sale. I went back to see how much and got them both for $40. I haven't really checked how old they are. Probably not old at all...
  17. micvin

    Hello from Houston

    Well, Spring, TX to be exact, which is about 30 miles north of downtown Houston. I kind of wish I didn't find this site because I'm sure it will be addicting as I am digging a lot of the bikes on here and aspire to build one soon. My addiction of buying cheap vintage bikes was because my wife...