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  1. fatkid

    It's been a while...

    While I didn't post very often, I used to be quite active on the forums here. I hope to come back on a more regular basis.
  2. fatkid

    Mini Velo (ALTON)

    I saw one online that had a chromoly frame. Aluminum frames make we weary. I am probably over thinking the whole idea as materials are usually very good quality. I'm just old school I guess.
  3. fatkid

    Mini Velo (ALTON)

    I love me a mini velo. But at my large size, I am afraid I would look like a bear on a tricycle. :(
  4. fatkid


    WHOA! What front fork and stem are you using in the latest setup?
  5. fatkid

    Sears Tote Cycle - SOLD!!!

    I have one of these! They are the bees knees. I need to hot rod it up a bit I think. That gold color is amazing, mine is just plain ol' black. :(
  6. fatkid

    2005 Felt Navy Cruiser

    Or guys who really like the Village People!
  7. fatkid

    Bowden Spacelanders Being Restored

    Someone needs to pull some molds from these pieces, pronto. I would love to own one of these someday, but repops would sell like gangbusters! :D
  8. fatkid

    Bicycle Helmets ????

    I think it is also important to note, that the United States has more cars per capita than almost any other country on Earth. And, most of those are giant SUV's and not some little Peugeot. The fact of the matter is helmets prevent injuries, period. Athletes, construction workers, race car...
  9. fatkid

    I bet you can't ride my bike!

    That was you? I was there and saw you. Too bad I didn't know it was a fellow RRBer.
  10. fatkid

    Black Crown Tattoo WHER R U ANSWR yur PMs!

    This is why requesting funds as a "gift" should always raise a flag. I will gladly pay a few extra bucks to cover Paypal fees to have accountability built into the transaction. I will NEVER purchase from someone who demands payment as a gift. Mark up your asking price a few bucks if you are...
  11. fatkid

    ANYBODY KNOW dvnport ??!!!

    I wonder if you can get it off of your cellphone bill... :wink:
  12. fatkid


    Thanks, I like the orange myself. :D
  13. fatkid


    I designed this machined phone case for the iPhone 5. We make and sell them through my work- ... -case.html Sometimes work isn't really work. 8)
  14. fatkid


    I like the design, but not the font. Too surfy (is that even a word?) and not enough old school. Looks like it belongs on a Paul Frank girls bike. Most of the headbadges and stuff from our old bikes have more traditional fonts with serifs and some ornamentation. I'm just a big design nerd though...
  15. fatkid

    Tote Cycle Folding Bike?

    I have one of these! I love this bike. It is definitely worth cleaning up. Do a three piece crank conversion and put lightweight wheels on it and rock and roll!
  16. fatkid

    What's your favorite pedal?

    That's funny, I was looking at that last night. I can't seem to find anything that screams "cruiser". I like the old block pedals, but nice originals are expensive and hard to find and I don't want to run BMX stuff on my old bike if I can avoid it. I may have to start making my own... :D
  17. fatkid

    What's your favorite pedal?

    My buddy and I were talking about old school pedals and we really couldn't think of any "cool" pedals. Were they all just basic ones that came with the bike? Was there any kind of aftermarket for pedals?
  18. fatkid

    2 Hiawathas and a Tornado

    My wife's family is from Billings and we are in Mesa. Small world.
  19. fatkid


    I think we should name it... Bill.
  20. fatkid

    Teach The Children, Well ?

    I wouldn't even touch on maintenance, except not to ride on flat tires. I would focus on basic safety, like helmets, riding on the correct side of the road, lights and reflectors, and how to cross safely. Engage them on their level. Bring in a really cool bike for display. Take a kids bike and...