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  1. Starnger

    BO15 1963 Schwinn Corvette "The Honey Rolla"

    I went ahead and cleaned up the BB set and cranks from my 87 Schwinn. I have tried to clean and polish everything just a bit, to get some clean looks and shine, but preserve some rust that looks really nice in combination with coppertone color. Here it takes its place on the bike. I also...
  2. Starnger

    BO15 1963 Schwinn Corvette "The Honey Rolla"

    Some updates! While i am waiting for parts delivery from US (the earliest package did not update its status from 6th of may) i can't do certain things like rear rack fitting, since it would depend on seatpost clamp what size and profile hole to be drilled. So i am harvesting parts and doing the...
  3. Starnger

    Photoshop Request

    Straight bar looks cool on this bike. But so does a smaller diameter tube! Or maybe higher one that mimics that slim tank? Honestly, my favorite is slightly curved one, J.C.Higgins style.
  4. Starnger

    Daily mini build.

    LBS should be able to cut extra thread with a cutter for you, this way you won't destroy your nut and possibly the fork. Other solution i often use - cut the steerer tube in the middle, make it shorter and weld it back.
  5. Starnger

    Homemade Tools

    Yes, two dead RatFink seats used for this installation :) The other one is just above, not visible on this photo.
  6. Starnger

    Homemade Tools

    I got a hand-made repair stand, and recently made a press-tool too, i just don't have any photos of it :) Here is my repair stand, you can also see it literally in every build post of mine :) Made of some scrap steel and U clamp. Height and angle are adjustable, the clamp holders are covered...
  7. Starnger

    FELT CANVAS Frame Kit *Build-a-Kustom* NEW in Box (2 remaining) $140.00

    Does seller see if i paid as FF or normally, or does he only see how much money he receives?
  8. Starnger

    Suggest a frame

    I can laser-cut them for you if you wish. I'd need to know your exact dimensions though.
  9. Starnger

    Suggest a frame

    Get some cheap old 1980's Taiwan built cruiser i'd say :)
  10. Starnger


    My workshop is still closed due to the quarantine, but who said i can't keep working on this bike? I have taken it from the powder coater and yesterday started to assemble it using another fork i had lying around. The color looks great, even though i have expected it to be a bit darker...
  11. Starnger

    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    Go for tailfins! :)
  12. Starnger

    BO15 Carcass

    Tell me what chain ring are you thinking about, maybe i can help you to get one :) Pedals are pretty cheap here in Poland too.
  13. Starnger

    BO15 Once again.

    The rack looks coool on your bike indeed! I also like the shape of that red wheel and the way it fills the space there.
  14. Starnger

    BO15 BM-Xray

    Nice build! Good luck with it! I'd be following, hope you don't mind when people follow you :D
  15. Starnger

    Daily mini build.

    There is a trick to Sturmey-Archer and Sachs hubs on switching them to the lower gear while having no shifter i was taught in the Netherlands. You just have to get a spoke and screw it in the hub axle where the chain goes. Then just bend the spoke out the way it holds the selected gear against...
  16. Starnger

    Bike build woes.....

    I have ordered a chain guard for my CWC Roadmaster three times. Living in Europe and having to order parts from across the ocean does not help :) In a modern world not every delivery company and every seller can stand by their words, unfortunately. Mistakes happen more often then we would want...
  17. Starnger

    BO15 Mudd (my name is)

    Great start! Love that bike of yours. Are you planning to leave it single-speed, or considering adding a gear-hub?
  18. Starnger

    BO15 Ratfink Supreme - Rust Removal

    Yea, i am aware of this 10 year difference. I thought some of those parts did not change through the years, but there is still a lot i need to learn about this bikes :) Good luck with the build!
  19. Starnger

    BO15 First Ever Build Off with a postwar Hawthorne "A Diamond in Rough Shape"

    I used to lack the skill too. But i still prefer to trash my bike parts by myself then let someone else to do that :D Later with try and error i have gained some of the skill needed.
  20. Starnger

    BO15 Ratfink Supreme - Rust Removal

    Szathmarig is parting out his CWC Whizzer at the CABE. I really want those curved struts and the fork, but i am not sure he sends them to Europe, and i am also unsure if delivery price would be acceptable. I think some parts like fenders and rear rack may fit your build?