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    Been a while

    Been a while since I have been on here, life has been busy. My wife received an organ transplant a couple of years ago, all was going well with that until just recently. I still tinker with bikes when time alows.
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    Been a while, life has been busy the last serial years. Still tinkering with

    Been a while, life has been busy the last serial years. Still tinkering with
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    Freebie (Read The Sign)

    Yes I know its cardboard. This was given to us by a friend and we had to take the sign as well. Any information on this bike would be appreciated.
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    Freebie (Read The Sign)

    Had this freebie dropped off at our house. Wondering if anyone has any info on it.
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    Found this on my porch after I went away for the weeked to drop of my college student:
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    Double Find This Week: 3-Wheeler and Girls Banana Seat

    Plan to fix em up and make a profit. Cost $50 altogther.
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    Acouple of freebies

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    Still tryin'

    Some mock up photos after cleaning the frame up a little
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    Still tryin'

    Yes, I am starting with this brand new 29" Genesis. I plan to clean it up a bit which means I will not be using the rims, tires, gears, fenders, or brakes so, if anyone is interseted in any of those parts let me know.
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    Thunder Road.

    Got a call to pick up some bikes from a local daycare, most are well used, but I did find this little gem
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    24'" Trike

    still open to offers on the front rim
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    24'" Trike

    Picked this up today. not quite sure what it is, any clues anyone want 24" front rim with drum brake? I am not planning on using it
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    Hello from Northern Michigan

    welcome, from Tawas City
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    So... I´M A DAD!!!

    Congrats, enjoy every minute before you know they are grown up and out of the house, this happens way to fast!
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    Built this with a Huffy mountian bike found in the trash and scrap tubing from work. Had a box of 6 or 7 of gears from mountian bikes and/or ten speed rims so I tried to be creative with them. Paint is different shades of grey primer over powder coat to try to give it a dinosaur look Looks like...
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    Enwell Bicyle Light

    New in box never been used never even had batteries installed anybody know how old or value
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    Cheap GT

    five bucks
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    Cheap GT

    My son dragged me to our local thrift store, we came home with this not to bad for five bucks
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    Roadmaster to Roadgrader

    Thanks KOTA!