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  1. Clothespin n

    Jumping in , to say I'm alive

    Hello to all my old friends, and one day new ones. All is well in British Columbia Thought I would log in and say hello I Can't get away from my love for the two wheel machines . I just scored a 1950 Schwinn Straight Bar , I might build it up as a 26 Cruiser / Bmx build Something for the...
  2. Clothespin n

    ~~~MY NEW AVATAR~~~

    I haven't been here, in the sandbox in a while. I miss all of my good old friends, and I want to play nice with all the NEW PEOPLE. I have a new Avatar, because my old one is in violation of new forum rules. If I have offended anyone, I am very sorry. peace, Kevin
  3. Clothespin n

    **** Tools ***

    These hilarious automotive tool definitions have been floating around on the Internet for some time now with no credit to the author. Sensitive to such things because people have plagiarized and out-and-out stolen stuff that I've written, I decided to track down the author. Much to my surprise...
  4. Clothespin n

    YES!!!.... I am still alive

    thought I would check in with all those who care, :lol: :lol: I am still alive. Been busy with Kids / Work / My Shovelhead :D :D I was going through my Photobucket account with one of my Sons, and it brought back some old photo's...and a lot of good old memories from here. I am crazy...
  5. Clothespin n

    ~ just stoping in to say "Hello" ~

    Hey guys...... after 3 months of Computer problems, I am back on line. All is well, the kids are well, still wrenching on my Harley, and as always, still playing with Bikes :D :D If I can access pictures, I'll post up a few, so...... hello to all you Old Farts.... I hope all's well, talk...
  6. Clothespin n

    ~~) It's STILL to Cold to Ride in British Columbia (~~

    Still too cold to ride!!! I took my boss Ice fishing a few miles North of my House I brought my Camera with me, it was cold, but I got some awesome photo's and video. Here he is...hooking into a BIG ONE!! Click here
  7. Clothespin n

    Merry Christmas..yaa Crazy Ol' bunch of "Yaah whooo'z"

    :D :D :D :D I still Pop in once and a while.. and I am pretty hard core into the 26 Cruiser BMX's... I wanted to post a picture of my latest Build...and a little Stunt action :mrgreen: :mrgreen: as well, I wanted to wish all you Crazy'z a very Merry Christmas.....and a Safe and happy...
  8. Clothespin n

    I'll wait at the bottom for yaa!!!!

    Someone said "Bike Build off" !!!! Hmmmm... I've built a few bikes before. I'll see what I have in my pile of goodies, and if time allows, I may just jump in here, with a build of my own. I hope all works out, so that I CAN join in. we'll see what happens :lol: :lol: no promises, but I...
  9. Clothespin n

    A Vintage Bike store is Closing it's doors..check it!!!

    a friend from another Forum is working with / helping his LBS owner sell some bikes.. here's a Link to a Post from another site.. take a "look see" and if anyone is interested in any..I may be able to hook you up with a Contact. There are some real Beauties in here.. wish I had the Loot $ for...
  10. Clothespin n

    hey guys..What is this one ?????

    well..welll well... he doesn't show for a while.. and then he comes along and wants info :roll: :roll: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I am pretty sure these are NOT the Forks ( look like Tange / Mongoose forks ) and the Bars look like a Conversion attempt way back when to an Early BMX. but The...
  11. Clothespin n

    HEY Dumpster diver...where are you ?

    :D :D Jon.. I PM'd yaa bro.. get back to me, Kev.
  12. Clothespin n

    The "Head Badge" guy ???????

    I had a link on my Puter to a guy who has THOUsands of headbadges for sale. I Don't remember where he is.. I lost the Link. does anyone know the Guy I'm Talking about. ????? He sells them as well as Collects, Thanks in advance for the help, peace, Kev.
  13. Clothespin n

    Murry "All Pro" 1978 BMX

    anybody have one of these ??? or Parts for one of these ?? Kev.
  14. Clothespin n

    Sports Illistrated "Kids" Voting time Folks !!!!

    "Sports Illistrated Kids" is loking for it's New Athleete of The Year. A Young Kid who races a BMX is doing pretty well in The Voting. Let's all Click on the Link, and Get a "BMX Riding Kid" on the Cover. His name is "Brock"...and he's doing Pretty good on his Bike! Check out his Bio /...
  15. Clothespin n

    A Local Collector is selling some stuff in British Columbia.

    Hooch sold him a Bike about 6 Months ago. He is a VERY well known collector in B.C. His name is Rod...and he's a GREAT guy. I just saw a Pile of his stuff on The Local Craigslist... and Found this Link. Check out his Bike's ... ycles.html A...
  16. Clothespin n

    Spider Bite!

    Ok...I am using my "1972 Sear Spyder 10 Speed" I have a Few Idea's....but nothing Concrete yet. I will post Pic's and Progress Details as I go. I look VERY Forward to seeing all the New Guys and Gals here open up a HUGE flood Gate of Creativity.With so many New Members this should be...
  17. Clothespin n

    This is a SWEET Schwinn!!!

    I'll bet yaa this goes for close to $1000.00 keep an Eye on it.. I would Love this in my Collection! ... dZViewItem and this is even MORE Rare.. another Beauty! ... dZViewItem
  18. Clothespin n Bad Mouthing Fools!

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I just Finished Completing a Paint Job for "PD" of Skull Skates. Him and his Wife Lisa are Great People. and you guys go on and on about my Skuller Cruisers and how it's all I Talk about :roll: :roll: Well...lets just say...All...
  19. Clothespin n

    The Black Skull Skate Bike...a Gate way Drug!

    well..I gone and Done it. My Black Skull Cruiser is #32 of 100 Made. They are ( designed buy PD of Skull Skates ) and Manufactured buy Norco and assembled here. I Just bought one of The Hand Built one's They are Hand Built / cut / welded Frame and Forks Full Chromoly and Built buy a World...
  20. Clothespin n

    Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States

    who live very close( hop skip and a jump..driving distance ) to this location on the Forum here ? thanks in advance, Kev.