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  1. oldcruiser26

    85-86 predator

    killer score
  2. oldcruiser26


    Drooling all over my keyboard WOW what a great score Built up that is is going to be so awesome
  3. oldcruiser26

    BMX PRODUCTS SCORE and a Bob Reedy

    WoW very nice find The condition is amazing
  4. oldcruiser26

    Street skinny cruiser thread!

  5. oldcruiser26

    Let's see Red Bikes!

  6. oldcruiser26

    Brown bikes anyone!?

    93 Bridgestone MB3 I restored a few years ago
  7. oldcruiser26

    Custom-built Surly Pacer

  8. oldcruiser26

    Found this funky BMX stem...Flying W BMX

    Wow really nice find pretty rare and worth a pretty penny Looks like some other nice parts in the background as well Congrats
  9. oldcruiser26

    One of my best finds ever Vintage Paul components ATB

    Majority of the parts came off a 89 Rock lobster That the owner was giving the single speed treatment If I'm lucky I may end up with the frame as well I've already sold off the Paul components
  10. oldcruiser26

    One of my best finds ever Vintage Paul components ATB

    Vintage Paul components front and rear derailleurs Paul stop light brakes Some Shimano deer head shifters suntour xc pro shifters and crank Rock Lobster Stem Control stem Avocet sealed head set and very early Rock shox fork with pump and 2 nice bottom brackets
  11. oldcruiser26

    Four Flippin Finds

    Yeah copy that
  12. oldcruiser26

    Schwinn Paramount

    Great find
  13. oldcruiser26

    Four Flippin Finds

    I really like the Univega I would leave it just how it is
  14. oldcruiser26

    80's Huffy

    Nice transformation
  15. oldcruiser26

    70's Ashtabula BMX

    wow way cool nice work on the decals