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  1. repedaler

    Detroit area club

    Man cant wait til when and if these restart!
  2. repedaler

    Bikes on bridges

    Its my first Felt (needed some tweeks) but I really dig it
  3. repedaler

    Bikes on bridges

    Its a Felt Burner I snagged on CL, Love it!
  4. repedaler

    Bikes on bridges

    Went for a rip this morning at 6 am. Made it 6 miles out and the rain came in. It still was fun, I was soaked by the time I got back.
  5. repedaler

    Walmart Klunkers

    Hmmm! I want one
  6. repedaler

    DBS....."The Best Bicycle"

    Man that is super nice! Glad you grabbed it!
  7. repedaler

    Bomb Squad

    That's NutZ!
  8. repedaler

    1977 AMF Avenger Evel Knievel BMX Bike

    That is a cool bike!
  9. repedaler

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Man I love Heavy Dutis
  10. repedaler


    Man That's Kool!
  11. repedaler

    Raygun made from bike parts

    Good luck and that is a cool Mag Im going to subscribe!
  12. repedaler


    Man that's clean! the photo work!
  13. repedaler

    Bicycle Night (Warren, MI)

    Any pics?
  14. repedaler

    Bicycle Night (Warren, MI)

    Wish I could go, but we have a chamber meeting meeting tonight. Next week for sure!
  15. repedaler

    Found me an old Schwinn

    I would use some weslys bleach white on that front tire, should fix it right up:acute:.....Joking aside that bike has awesome patina I would just get the mechanicals right and roll it as is.
  16. repedaler

    ‘73 Schwinn camelback

    Simple and very cool!
  17. repedaler

    Second Annual Armada (Mi) Tweed & Steam Punk Ride!!!!!!!!! May 6th

    Sorry guys looks like rain! See you on the 20th! Gives costumes perfected!
  18. repedaler

    Second Annual Armada (Mi) Tweed & Steam Punk Ride!!!!!!!!! May 6th

    Depends on who you know!