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    Monark model types

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    Monark model types

    With the posting of a Monark "Charioteer" onThe CABE board, I've begun to wonder just how many different models Monark made. I know the lines are blurry, especially with Firestones out there (I have 2) but does anyone know the names of all the models of cruisers Monark made?? Maybe if we use a...
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    shouting from the top of Utah

    I did Kokopelli's trail years ago...Grand Junction to Moab. Amazing can do it in a few days if you hurry....but I'd recommend taking your time...
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    Southeast Louisiana

    I just hope you managed to get to the Louisiana Bicycle Festival in Abita Springs this year. I was there 2 years ago....great small show!
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    Final Rankings - Voting Results

    As an analyst by trade, I love playing with numbers. It is interesting when computing the results, how many winners there actually were! I'd like to see more new and original ideas being recognized. Lots of cool bikes based on established ideas for certain bike types, but when we see new...
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    Lots of cool bikes.....but one stands out..

    I'm still trying to figure out what you guys didn't like about The Screaming Rabbit??? The engineering behind the effort was pretty amazing. As I said in the title, lots of cool bikes, I had a tough time voting on my choices, but I'm kinda surprised that TSR is trailing by so much?? Maybe...
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    The Screaming Rabbit -- Finished (new video)

    "When people start saying your stuff is dangerous, you're on the right track" After living just up the road from Evel Kneivel you realize that your bike is far less dangerous than his jumps....I love this biko-plane!
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    Screaming Rabbit (New Video)

    How do you keep the front wheel on the ground when you're not on it???
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    Bolt size for Monark stem/handle bar bracket

    The old bolt head was getting a bit rounded so I took it to the local hardware store. The best they could do was 10mm...close. When I got home I put it into the stem to see if I could it tighten down. No go...anybody know what size this thing is??? Thanks
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    anyone seen these before? pics...
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    Graf Zeppelin

    Well, if you look closely at the American Indian on the Lafayette Escadrille insignia, he has a swastika on the round piece of the war bonnet. In later renditions, made after WW2, the swastika "legs" were shortened so it didn't look as much like a swastika. Native Americans used the swastika...
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    Sidecar build

    Nice to see that my home town isn't the only town with a crashing helicopter monument...:grin:
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    Serious skills dude!
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    Beer Boy Delivery....New Final Picture! Build video montage!

    Whoa! This is awesome work.....super details!
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    THE Porcellio

    Great looking bike!!
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    Monark Train Light Patent Number

    In case you're interested... I pulled the trigger on a train light. Found one on Ebay for $100 with guts and lens! Still in the hunt for a rocket fender ornament to "rent"...
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    Getting paint off original pinstriping..

    I've got a Firestone ladie's tank and it was really painted over. Originally, i couldn't even see the name or the striping on it. I tried to get the nasty layer off with denatured success. I switched to acetone and while it takes the paint off, I'm concerned that it will take...
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    Rusty, I was looking around the board and noticed that you're a Monark guy. I'm desparate for...

    Rusty, I was looking around the board and noticed that you're a Monark guy. I'm desparate for some measurements of the front fender. I have a rear fender I'm gonna end up making into a front fender, but need some measurements, like tip to tip, brack placement, impressions for the springer...
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    Monark Train Light Patent Number

    I'm trying to track down the patent for the Monark Train Light. I'm certain they patented it (or many others would have copied it). Specifically, I'm interested in the tech drawings for dimensions. I'm working on how to get a train light repop in the works. It wouldn't be a "for profit"...
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    Monark Cruiser Red

    I just posted a pic on the RRB FB showing the true Monark Red on the frame. Interestingly, I've noticed that on the stock Monarks in the red paint scheme, the frames were a darker red than the fenders and tank. The frame was like the color in my pictures, but the other parts were brighter...