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  1. kram

    REDUCED Delta Hubba Hubba front and rear light sets

    Front and rear Delta Hubba Hubba light sets. The front set looks to be unused with minor shelf wear, the rear sets been on a bike but still in pretty good shape. I haven’t tested them and missing one bulb. Brass hardware not original but is included. $115 shipped in the lower 48
  2. kram

    ‘75 Mag Ray

    Finished this one just in time. My idea for this was hot rod meets bmx. It’s a heavy little bike, but rides really good. I feel like this one isn’t quite done and I’ll do a few changes soon.‘75-mag-ray.113126/
  3. kram

    Cheap Copper

    This ‘68 custom stingray was a fun build. Started with an original frame, fork, crankset, and stem. Most of the other parts came from a donor all pro bike. The 20x3 slick is a really tight squeeze, but it just clears. I always liked the look of the early deluxe chainguard decal so I went with...
  4. kram

    ‘75 Mag-ray

    I recently picked up this little stingray, and since it’s already been converted I figured I would enter it. I would say there’s about a 50% chance that I’ll get it done by the deadline. I’m still trying to find to finish my muscle bike build. I think I’ll put a banana seat back on it. On a...
  5. kram

    Schwinn deluxe cruiser, stingray bmx, and a Racer. Added ‘64 stingray

    Seems like schwinns have been following me home lately. Found this early 80’s deluxe cruiser this weekend. The tires are shot and the seat needs a recover but it’ll clean up nice. Last week I found this 75 stingray that was given the bmx treatment. I think most of it is original aside from the...
  6. kram

    What stem would you suggest for a Klunker.

    I'm putting together a klunkerish type of build. I have very limited experience with bmx type handlebar stems, so I wanted to see what you guys would suggest? It's 1" threaded fork and the bars have a 7/8 (22.2mm) clamping area. I see the cheap ones on eBay and as they get more expensive I...
  7. kram

    SOLD Cream 24x3 felt thick bricks

    A little dusty from being in the garage, but they are new and still have the tags on them. They don’t make these anymore. I’d like to sell them as a pair. $120 for the pair + shipping.
  8. kram

    Cheap Copper

    I picked up this ‘68 Coppertone stingray a year or so ago. It’s missing most of it's original parts but it was almost free. Around the same time I picked up this girls all pro from an anitique store that was closing up shop. It’s a nice bike on its own, but I bought it as a parts bike for the...
  9. kram

    1961 early 10 speed Varsity

    I picked this one a little bit ago and I'm starting to get it cleaned up. Normally I would pass on a varsity, but you don't see these early ones very often. The serial number dates it to late 1960, but it probably wasn't assemble until early 1961. They switched from 8 speed to 10 speed in...
  10. kram

    The Vanishing Violet

    I picked up this 1966 stingray today and figured I might as well join the build off. Plans are basic and it will be a ratty rider. I think most of the chrome should actually clean up pretty good. The pans on the seat might be toast, it’s a mixture of foam, twine, and various kinds of tape. I’m...
  11. kram

    Little Piggie (24" pig)

    I always liked that muscle bikes started with kids making themselves, so I was going for a pig bike look with this one. Some parts are 1954 24" Schwinn frame and fork, 26" deluxe chainguard, 24' S2 wheels, 24x3" thick brick tires, and so on. The photo location is Stansbury Island on the Great...
  12. kram

    Iver Johnson Truss

    I picked up this late 20's Iver Johnson yesterday. Bikes like this never come up for sale around here. It's got the wrong wheels and has been painted, but should be a fun bike. How I found it.
  13. kram

    24” pig

    It’s been a while since I last entered any type of build off, but I’ve been meaning to built this bike up and it fits into this build off. A couple years ago me and a couple friends were getting a 1948 Ford f1 out of a private salvage yard. I found this 24” schwinn frame in the bed of another...
  14. kram

    Tankless. 1935 Aerocycle build... sort of

    This is going to be a slow build, but I'm excited about it so I'm going to start a thread. I picked up this bike yesterday for super cheap. I thought it was weird and interesting, sometimes a bike speaks to you. It felt like it had a long and hard life. It had been yard art and I felt kind...
  15. kram

    Uptown Klunk

    A while back I built this dx up with some 700c wheels. Here’s the old build thread I haven’t rode it in a while so I thought I’d change it up a little. I had some heavy duty wheels from Chuck and set of knobby white walls. Plan is...
  16. kram

    Aerocycle frame, schwinn, and a flightliner

    Picked up three bikes today from three different people. I think the most interesting is the camelback. Parts of it look Schwinnish, but I’m not sure. The 60’s schwinn looks like an old repaint, and the liner will probably be parts.
  17. kram

    Girvin fork

    This showed up a few days ago as a surprise from a friend. Not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it, but it should be fun.
  18. kram

    Something a little racey, finished pictures added

    I picked up this 1958 Schwinn racer on the local classifieds a few weeks ago for $25. The wheels were pretty shot, but I figured it would be fun to mess around with. I got it all broken down, degreased, polished, and waxed. It was surprisingly easy to take a part and the paint is shinier than I...
  19. kram

    1958 Schwinn racer

    Its been a while since I actually bought a bike. I usually pass up on the diamond frames, but for $25 it’s a pretty cool little bike.
  20. kram

    1930’s Schwinn and Hawthorne ladies frames for free

    I had these given to me and I’ll probably never do anything with them, so I figured I would see if anyone wants them. They are in good shape and appear to be straight. The one looks to be Schwinn built and has Cadillac on it. If you want them they are yours for the taking. They are located in...