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  1. kingfish254


    When saw this pic, especially with the Mexican blanket, I thought those handlebars had some wicked spiral engraving on them like some of the lowrider parts do.
  2. kingfish254

    ☠ ᗷᑌTTEᖇᗷᗩᒪᒪ ᗷᗩᑎᗪIT ☠(ᗩKᗩ - ᑕᕼᑌᗷᗷY)

    I've always liked the little 20x4 mini velo minibikes that I have seen around the past few years. They do have a cool vibe to them. Back in the day when I was only PrinceFish127, we had a nicer than most minibike. It had a bigger 6HP Tecumseh engine and chrome spoke larger wheels. I think it...
  3. kingfish254

    Ratty 26in JC higgin fork and fenders/skirt

    WIN WIN WIN Larz get paid Pookie gets cool stuff We get Pookie in BO16
  4. kingfish254

    electra rockabilly

    I would love to score one of these someday. Those welds sure do look like aluminum. Have you done a magnet test.
  5. kingfish254

    British Steel

    Welcome back. I never even knew that a chrome Raleigh Sport existed. This should be cool!
  6. kingfish254


    Loving this build man!
  7. kingfish254

    Mr. Rat, my first ratrod

    This build is legendary!!!!! I've loved that bike for years! Thanks for documenting your build here on RRB. I also love your city. Saint Peterburg was one of our stops on our first RoundTheWorld trips in 2001 when we also took the TransSiberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing. Welcome to RRB!!!
  8. kingfish254

    Psychobilly Cadillac (BO16)

    We all know that you don't need bikes for your build. Skilsaws and exercise equipment work just fine. :D
  9. kingfish254

    Ratty 26in JC higgin fork and fenders/skirt

    That classic beehive springer can work on any men's frame, regardless if it came from a ladies frame or not.
  10. kingfish254

    Ratty 26in JC higgin fork and fenders/skirt

    Incredible deal to upgrade anyones build off bike right there!
  11. kingfish254

    Like New Condition Rear Rack

    $40 Plus Shipping Like New Condition Rear Rack
  12. kingfish254


    Great parts to pull from. Especially your saddle choices.
  13. kingfish254

    Dean Dean's Mountain Machine

    Looks like it cleaned up well, but it's hard to tell the difference in the low lighting.
  14. kingfish254


    Nice work on the sprocket! That came out sweet!
  15. kingfish254

    REDUCED 26in mens JC higgins Ballooner frameset with tank

    That is a great price for someone! You can't beat that with the tank too! It would make a killer build off bike canvas!
  16. kingfish254


    As Andre 3000 would say "What's cooler than being cool?" "Air Cold" in orange!!! Hey Ya, that wheelset is gonna shake it like a polaroid picture!
  17. kingfish254

    Rollin bones

    Cool scores. That's a Higgins rack and not a Monark. They are very fun to play with. I like your idea of maybe using the curved braces on it. Thanks for shedding some big ole light on you parts pile.
  18. kingfish254

    Blue bike

    Can't go wrong with a Snyder built fastback frame! I'll take Door Number 3 Monty!!! Which reminds me of an early funny Jimmy Buffet song
  19. kingfish254

    The Rusty Rocket

    Welcome to the build off. I'm digging the ACME Power Pack!!!
  20. kingfish254


    The bronze came out nice on those wheels!