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    SOLD 1941 Columbia lightweight with New Departure 2 speed Local pick up in RI

    1941 Lightweight Columbia with what looks like a factory paint-over of black on a chrome fork? Torrington #8 pedals. Unsure if rear hub is a D or there is rust on the stamping is crusty,but for some reason I feel like I have a decent one that I will give with bike if found :D I...
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    SOLD Vintage 1952 Schwinn boys 26" balloon tire project . LOCAL PICK UP IN RI ONLY

    Great project for restoration or rat rod Missing: rear fender,chainguard,badge and correct crank(it has replacement chain and pedals) I DID find a replacement rear fender,included for the price $150 cash with porch pick up in southern RI zip code 02804 Thanks,Jeff
  3. bikesnbuses

    Parting out rare 1936 Hawthorne Zep deluxe prewar

    Now a part out.. Rack,chainguard,reflector and seat all SOLD I WILL be posting parts/prices in a few hours It comes with the parts: Zep fined light,no lens Trussrods Correct rack reflector Extra crank Better fenders(original Ones are badly rusted on ends) Kickstand I do not have a key...
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    Stuff on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Stolen bicycles and parts out of shop in Phoenix Az

    NOTE: Foul language In linked post below at bottom of the post I'm posting this for a Friend in Phoenix Arizona..this is a link to a Facebook page.. Just wanted to give you a heads up..lots of swearing in the post(owner was pretty angry when he posted it) Jeff in RI
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    SOLD Bicycle T shirt lot ! 7 shirts . 1 New (but washed) mostly used ,mostly XL (on the small side)

    Cleaning out my closet What you see is what you get ..5 XL and 1 L The Schwinn Aerocycle and Pee Wee shirt have minor rips Rollfast shirt is new and a few only worn once Asking $60 for all 7 shirts shipped in the USA Yesterday at 5:34 PM Add bookmark #1 Cleaning out...
  6. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Prewar accessory Elgin Hawthorne battery case pod

    Good used condition, uncleaned super solid. (It hangs from frame top bar) Has "melted" old rubber tape residue? On bottom side. I believe that I have the rubber wire hole grommet. For your prewar accessory light or horn. Asking $55 shipped in the USA obo Asking $55 shipped in USA obo
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    Prewar 1939 Columbia Streamliner single bar project..NO WHEELS or seat included in RI

    MORE detailed pictures coming later today. Sorry..The wheelset is staying with me.. The fenders have been straightened out some,sill have seen better set of braces were replaced with nice originals. Only bolted on,no replacement rivets done(Couldnt find my nos ones)It has a mountain...
  8. bikesnbuses

    SOLD NOS Schwinn middleweight plastic sunburst reflector headbadge badge

    Super sweet NOS Schwinn early 1960s badge! PERFECT for your restored Jaguar Asking $50 shipped in the USA obo Trades? The only things I need right now are these...
  9. bikesnbuses

    WTB needed 1940 1941 era Snyder built Hawthorne All American parts; Aluminum truss rod , chainguard

    As stated, Im looking for parts for my original paint Hawthorne,a 1940/41 Fall/winter Catalog All American. Im looking for 1 ALUMINUM 26" boys truss rod . stabilizer bar,etc.I will buy a SET if you have 2/ pair..In almost ANY condition..Mine is broken in half(MISSING half) Im also looking for...
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    SOLD Prewar Persons reflector No. 219 331 337 Tombstone red glass reflectors palooza !

    7 different condition original aluminum and steel bodied Person's glass reflector for your balloon tire bike , 331 Tombstone reflectors F and D are the lesser ones in the lot as they have more serious damage to the aluminum(see pics) I will GLADLY offer a discount for multiple...
  11. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Sweet original plating / finish 26" wheel prewar rear drop stand dropstand

    I bought this for my original paint Elgin Miss America for a condition upgrade but it is not correct for it and I dont need it for another bicycle Asking $87 shipped in the USA obo
  12. bikesnbuses

    SOLD 3 sets postwar fenders Schwinn and Road Master for restoration

    3 different sets of post war fenders. Maybe for restoration ,custom or ratrod 26" bikes? 1 set of Schwinn fenders look like possibly a set for a springer fork ,maybe for a Hornet or Panther? BOTH Schwinn sets has a 1 broken brace Asking $25 a set PLUS actual shipping obo or $20 cash with local...
  13. bikesnbuses

    WTB prewar 1937 Hawthorne Zep front fender and steel ? Delta mouse light

    OK everyone..Did the MAKE a steel Delta Mouse light cover? Or just Aluminum? Looking for a front fender for my 37 Zep in any color but if black would be awesome..Mines gonezo...:envy: BELOW are examples of what Im looking for...
  14. bikesnbuses

    SOLD LOCAL PU priced! AWESOME original paint 1948 ladies JC Higgins Deluxe bicycle with BATWING light !

    **LOCAL PU priced! AWESOME original paint 1948 ladies JC Higgins Deluxe bicycle with BATWING light ** >>> 4 things.... #1.The tires shown ON the bike are NOT INCLUDED at any price..I will have substitutes on this bike #2 $450 is the CASH local pick up in southern RI price .. #3 The Batwing is...
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    SOLD Boys 26" postwar 1948 Schwinn D97X original paint LOCAL P/U preferred in RI

    $250 cash with LOCAL pick up at zip code 02804 in southern RI on CT border near rt 95 I swapped out incorrect painted front wheel for chrome drop center. Missing regular oval Schwinn badge Also gave it a quick wash and added a better matching set of Goodyear tires ,unsure on tubes..they have...
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    SOLD Early 50s boys Columbia 3 star w tank rack and 40s boys Huffman

    I picked up some farm fresh bikes today! These are for local pick up in southern RI,zip code 02804..>>I KNOW...The pictures are lousy ...Sorry..Busy day,but I WILL get good pics soon!! The Columbia 3 star with tank is $150, The 46? original paint Columbia is $80,, The super rusty wall hanger...
  17. bikesnbuses

    SOLD F/S or trade for listed items; BOYS Monark Silver King aluminum fork

    Original prewar boys 24" wheel Monark Silver fork with 6 1/2" steel head tube Asking $150 shipped in the USA or possible trade for a nice Delta Roadblaster "Rooster" horn or will trade towards a complete (Or at least lever/hub) New Departure front brake hub.. These are the only items Im looking...
  18. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Lot of 4 bicycle headlights for your rat rod bikes!

    4 used vintage miscellaneous headlights.. unsure if they work but are pretty cool.. asking $35 shipped in the USA or best offer All look to be "wired" for power,not the type you just put batteries"in"
  19. bikesnbuses

    3 different prewar "lucky 7" seat post F/S

    Uncleaned decent "bent" seatposts priced as marked.The post with shim should clean up nicely! A)$20 shipped B)$20 shipped C) $35 shipped(post with shim) Contact me per private message or email me at Thank you
  20. bikesnbuses

    SOLD 27" wide Columbia Westfield handlebars and stem

    Decent original 40s 50s ? Handlebars and original stem, good chrome and uncleaned with some rust and flaking(mostly on the bends). They measure about 27" wide. Asking $58 shipped for both Thanks you