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  1. Degoragon

    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    As you know, I had managed to pull an old 1941 Hiawatha (Shelby Flying Cloud) bike out of the weeds in my own backyard. Well, I had been thinking some possible directions to go with it. One involved simply using 1960's schwinn pedal cranks and pieces to replace the rusted pieces. This got me...
  2. Degoragon

    Right in my backyard.....Literally! 1941 Hiawatha (shelby Flying Cloud )

    So, not too long ago, I was walking in my backyard, and I spotted this leaning beside a fallen in shed. So I pulled it out of the weeds to get a better look. From what I have found, it is a 1941 (approx.) Hiawatha, built by Shelby, and sold at Gamble's Department stores. It looks identical to...
  3. Degoragon

    Hello from Missouri!

    Just a laid back young man who has gotten into vintage bicycles, particularly after finding a 1941 Hiawatha (re-badged Shelby Flying Cloud) in my own backyard. I am also working on a project involving a 1968 Sears (Sturmy-Archer?) 3-speed I picked up at a swap meet. This seems like a good...