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  1. thesuicideride

    You gotta see this! tallbikeish

    havent been on in a while. super busy with sign painting, the puppy, and work. a friend of mine sent me this and i had to get over here to share. i gotta make one of these some day. if you have a tall bike you understand the inconveniences and conveniences of being tall. 8)...
  2. thesuicideride

    my new pal Lewis

    Lewy Boy. half english bulldog, half blue heeler. hes my first dog. just picked him up monday. hes 8 weeks old. gettin his first round of parvo shots tomorrow. hes a pretty awesome dog so far! any hints or tricks for trainin pups??? bulldog or heeler trainin info? 6 LBS hangin at the sign...
  3. thesuicideride

    Asbestos tile?

    So i just bought a new house. well, new to me. its a 1957. i collect old signs and all kinds of 50's diner style stuff. so i wanna do my kitchen diner style. there is carpet in the kitchen now. so me and my roomate started to pull it back gettin ready to clean it up and lay black and white...
  4. thesuicideride

    love my city. LOLLLLL ... 42519.html
  5. thesuicideride

    Old Home page sonG

    anybody remember who sang the old home page song? it would always be like 3am and i couldnt sleep so id get on the web, click on the site and you'd hear silence at first then.............GO! Im gonna build me a rat rod....It would always make me jump and blow my speakers out but i loved it every...
  6. thesuicideride

    funky sea creatures

    i think 2:05 is my friend Boomer :? :shock:. i would scream like a little girl if any one of these touched my toe while i was swimming.
  7. thesuicideride

    LOL! ebay meets eharmony

    ebay doubling as a dating site?? :lol:. scroll down to the part with all the blue lettering....W>O>W ... 4cf201bc4a
  8. thesuicideride

    two CWCS

    just happened to mosey out to the bloomington, IN CL postings tonight. first time ive wandered over there in a long time. im in ft wayne which is 3 hours away but my sister goes to IU down there. these were posted about 5 minutes before i saw them. 2! COUNT UM, 2! CWC shockmasters and frames for...
  9. thesuicideride

    The Office...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? ... r/43076?nc :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry...
  10. thesuicideride

    Paint revival?

    recently picked up this super deluxe. there is some surface rust on the paint and chrome. ive seen much worst look much better. i know chrome can be clean pretty easily with bronze wool. and ive heard a little bit about oxalic acid (wood bleach). but i dont know many safe methods for bringin...
  11. thesuicideride

    Lets See Your Business Cards

    couple weeks ago i was out garage saling and stopped by a sale with a crap load of cool retro stamps. it just so happened to be my old high school art teachers sale. i decided to buy a bunch and make my own business cards for pinstriping and for when people tell me they have old bikes. i hand...
  12. thesuicideride

    yesssssssss..Monark Super Deluxe!

    nabbed this off CL for 50 bucks. he posted it up friday night around 8:50. i just woke up from a nap at like 8:57 :D. i called him up and told him i was waaaay going to buy it but i was goin to bloomington for my sisters college graduation ceremony saturday and sunday was mothers day so the...
  13. thesuicideride

    Pinstriping Snail Mail Panel Jam

    this is going to be a topic for all pinheads. karfer, sensor, chadillac, hotrod jen and i are setting up a coast to coast panel jam. snail mail style :D. heres how it works. each person will cut and base coat a panel. then stripe it in one color and send it onto the next striper(sign in the same...
  14. thesuicideride

    wanna CD swap?

    anyone wanna do some burned CD swaps? (not originals) just mixes or whole albums. burned to a blank cd. im lookin for some classic rockabilly like Billy Lee Riley, Gene Vincent, Johnny burnette, Warren Smith, Charlie Feathers, Orby, Clint miller, Jerry Lee Lewis, yatta yatta. i have some. so...
  15. thesuicideride

    Black Friday Laptop help

    hey guys, im needin a little help deciding which laptop to go for on black friday. im thinkin this HP. its regularly 699 and is on sale for 450 at office depot. anybody have any experience with this model? im not computer smart at all really. my one friend is really good with them and has a...
  16. thesuicideride

    Retro Direct

    meanoldmanmike introduced me to this set up. pretty wild. anyone out there tried this? ... playnext=1 heres one with a guy riding ... xt_from=PL
  17. thesuicideride

    tattoo ideas

    im tradin the juxtapoz tattoo book to my tattoo artist for a tattoo and lookin for some ideas. id like to get a schwinn skiptooth sweetheart chainring with some scroll wrapping around it. i just dont know what to put in the scroll :? . any good two to three word bicycle sayings out there? thanks...
  18. thesuicideride

    Michigan or surrounding guys check this out!

    :shock: :shock:!any rrbers ever been here? im definitely going April 2010!
  19. thesuicideride

    schwinn and dyno

    picked these up today. havent dated either yet. guessin the gt dyno compe is early 90's. and the schwinn im thinkin maybe 40's-50's. has a sweetheart skiptooth drive. i have a persons seat off a bf goodrich baged schwinn. does that look like a schwinn rear rack? and it had no stem or bars so we...
  20. thesuicideride

    should i slap myself?

    at the Ducktail Run hot rod show in Gas City, IN today i can across this in the swap meet. he said it was a 40's something. probably because it had a plate on the front that said 43. it had a solid rear tire that was taped onto the wooden rim. the front rim had no tire. someone painted the...