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  1. RivNut

    Rusted chain salvage.

    I've used the same solution, but for parts that I can let sit for longer periods of time. Cheap too.
  2. RivNut

    1957 Schwinn Corvette

    Pull the fork and you'll find color that hasn't been affected by UV rays. A good paint store has a spectrophotometer and can identify what pigments are used to make up a color. They hold the device against a good color and the rest is simple. As far as I know, no formulas exist.
  3. RivNut

    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    Take the arm out and drill a series of hole around a line around the circumference. Drill a next size smaller hole in the stand and thread it for a small machine screw. Put it back together so that any hole in the arm lines up with the hole in the stand. Run the screw down the post into the...
  4. RivNut

    Rusted chain salvage.

    An inexpensive rust buster is a 50:50 solution of automatic transmission fluid and acetone.
  5. RivNut

    Almost there

    The 1959 Speedster after putting all,of the pieces together. I needed to clean the shop so I took my middleweight Schwinns out and let them get some fresh air. Some more yet to be worked on. I'll post the JC Higgins and Elgins another day
  6. RivNut

    Almost there

    Well today I finally got the nerve to tackle rebuilding the Bendix two speed for the Speedster. The grease was hard enough that I had to pick it out with a dental pick (2nd picture .) I soaked the parts in a tub of Brakleen and took a brass brush to them. I've dry fit everything together so I...
  7. RivNut

    1939-1941 Elgin

    PMs might work IF the seller is still active on the site. Isn't there a way to email forum members as well as sending PM?
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    reusing spokes

    As much work as it's going to take to get the wheel off the bike, get the tire off the rim, get the axle out and the cassette off so you can get a new spoke started. If it were me, I'd cut the broken spoke off at the nipple and just keep riding. Life is too short. KISS principle - Keep It Simple...
  9. RivNut

    Almost there

    1959 Schwinn Speedster. After collecting the missing pieces, I got the fenders rolled, then painted everything. Assembly will begin as soon as the fall Honey-dos are finished. (Finding time to have fun working on bikes is he'll when your wife finally retires.) :cool: In the rafters waiting time...
  10. RivNut

    Show us your couples bike pairs.

    1961 Fairlady, 1959 Corvette. The only real difference that I could find was in the headbadges. The 59 is bigger and the same color as the bike, the 61 is a generic Schwinn.
  11. RivNut

    24" fenders on 26" frame ?

    The girls bike above looks like the one that I finally finished a couple of weeks ago. Looks a little different than when I first got it with a broken fork.
  12. RivNut

    Homemade Tools

    I know it's not home made but I have an inexpensive dead blow hammer from Harbor freight for installing the bearing races. Works great when you back up the opposite side/end with a block of wood, or lay one side/end on the wooden work bench.
  13. RivNut

    Homemade Tools

    Pedal straightener. Right and left hand threaded 1/2 x 20 TPI lug nuts (old Chrysler) inserted into a 30" piece of pipe.
  14. RivNut

    SOLD Frame spreader tool

    Always remember : Keep a cool tool, but don't let your meatloaf.
  15. RivNut

    Old seat- cool, but broke! Help!

    I doubt if it needs to be two sided. "Midget" cable clamp at Lowe's
  16. RivNut

    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    I don't think that I'd be cutting the fork. I would look for longer braces first. Without the fender on the front, what kind of clearance do you have between the tire and the fork? Do you have another bike from which to take some measurements for comparison. Do you like the relationship...
  17. RivNut

    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    I thought that the fork stem was too long. What would happen if you were to bolt the fender to the fork and look for longer fender braces? From what I'm imagining, the fender is not reaching the fork because you're limited by the length of the braces. Can you post a picture? Ed
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    Send me a PM. I bought a repo that is too long for my bike and does not have the right contours.
  19. RivNut

    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    Take it to your LBS and have the threads continued then cut it off the the correct length. Did that recently with a fork from a girl's Elgin that I needed for a boy's.
  20. RivNut

    Freshen up whitewalls?

    Back in the day when Show Cars were outfitted with white sidewall tires, lacquer thinner was the ticket.