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  1. JoeyMac

    a couple of updated SpaceLiners and Flightliner

    Finally got around to working on my bikes again for the first time in a couple years. Wow, just realized how long it had been since I did any wrenching. my apartment opened up by Joey Mac, on Flickr here's what I worked on this weekend: SpaceLiner StealthBomber by Joey Mac, on Flickr it...
  2. JoeyMac

    Cruisin in Austin

    I honestly can't get out on a bike as much as I used to, but I still try and I still have fun doing it. Here are some of the cruisin adventures I've had so far: When I first got here in July it was in the middle of a long streak of 100+ degree days, but I couldn't wait to cruise in the fresh...
  3. JoeyMac

    my new place to work on my rides

    if anyone remembers my apartment in connecticut... my kitchen was where I worked on bikes. it was less than ideal. also I lived on the second floor. RoadMaster Diesel: tryin on some new shoes. by Joey Mac, on Flickr but about 6 months ago I moved in here in Austin TX. my new apartment has...
  4. JoeyMac

    I'm in Austin now, and looking for a modern cruiser!

    Hey y'all, sorry I've been out of the loop, but I just relocated to beautiful, sunny Austin Texas, and I'm loving it here so far. This town is wonderfully bike-friendly, and I look forward to cruising all over it once my collection of cruisers gets delivered by the movers to my new apartment...
  5. JoeyMac

    Moving to Texas!

    I just found out last night that I got a new position at work, which will require me to move to Austin in the next month! Who's down there already? Also, New England friends, I am going to need to clear out some of these bikes before I move, get at me.
  6. JoeyMac

    Hey, I'm back! I mean, Ow, my back!

    Hey guys, It's been a while but I thought I'd update the RRB crew. I found out I have a bad back. a combination of genes and years of abuse in the form of working at a computer, poor sleep habits, and riding bicycles (yes even riding bikes) has led to my current condition (scoliosis and...
  7. JoeyMac

    RoadMaster Diesel: off the boardtrack and onto the open road

    Hey folks, it's been a while since I've been around. I heard there is a new build-off going on? I have recently resurrected my entry from BBO4, with a freshly-trued rear wheel and a new set of bars. For the Build-Off, I was trying hard to emulate the boardtrack motorcycle look...
  8. JoeyMac

    RoadMaster Flying Falcon-Cougar-Thunderbird - on vacation

    I started a build thread for this over the summer while I was still working on RoadMaster Diesel. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=18010 Not much else had happened with it for a while because the nexus-7 wheel I intended to use is out of whack and neither the LBS or my knowledgeable friends know what to...
  9. JoeyMac

    Bike of the FUTURE! ... -ride.html can't wait to rat one of these out :)
  10. JoeyMac

    RoadMaster Diesel

    Build Thread: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=15767 Build Info: - Late 50's AMF/CWC RoadMaster Flying Falcon frame, chainguard, bars (flipped) and rear fender (bobbed) - 50's era JC Higgins coffin tank (diesel nameplate found on the ground during a ride) - 40's era CWC "Shock-Master" fork, RoadMaster...
  11. JoeyMac

    General Shipping Questions (I'm clueless)

    Ok, I have a few things I want to sell on here, and what's holding me back is that I am clueless about what stuff should really cost for shipping, and what the best way to go about it was. 1 thing is that the only thing I can really get to on my bike is the post office, anyone think the flat...
  12. JoeyMac

    RoadMaster Flying Falcon-Cougar-Thunderbird.

    with extra eagle. Just a mock-up for now. I got the frame and tank from Joe, so I thought it would be fitting to put a nexus-7 on it. It's also inheriting some cast-off parts from my build-off bikes, such as that star sprocket. Much more to come.
  13. JoeyMac

    pics from June rides (A LOT OF PICS)

    As always more pics and full size versions on my Flickr Page: So here are a bunch of pics from group rides I've been on in June (besides my daily riding): In early June, my friend Johnny (riding my SpaceLiner StealthBomber) and I met up with some old-school...
  14. JoeyMac

    My Big Red Rocket of Love, SOLD!

    This is the bike I bought the day before I joined this site. Here it was when I got it: After clean-up: I didn't do much else for a long time, just riding it as is, a pretty smooth middleweight. Put a lot of miles on cruising and commuting on this rig. I did replace crank, pedals, and...
  15. JoeyMac

    30's Rollfast, and 24" Schwinn Speedster

    I was back home in NY again this past weekend. And of course I came back with more bikes. First I found this on my hometown craigslist, way out of town on my way up to Albany, my next stop. It was ridiculously cheap. So cheap I don't even want to say. Kinda thinking about a Manta-Ray...
  16. JoeyMac

    some freebies from my brother-in-law

    So my family knows to keep an eye out for old bikes for me, so my brother-in-law has started a pile in his backyard for me of bikes he finds sitting out on the side of the road. They are still there right now, I don't have room to bring them back here, but I took some pictures. I don't really...
  17. JoeyMac

    RoadMaster Diesel: Build Completed! + a few extra pics!

    Starting with this, picked it up on my birthday last fall and have barely done anything yet: Going to do it up boardtracker style. Nothing too special.
  18. JoeyMac

    now mine, Shelby Flyer + Elgin lady, pics pg 2

    This showed up on my hometown CL last week, I have already been in contact and have arranged a time to meet when I go home to visit this weekend. Seems like a good price to me, anyone else agree? And my girlfriend liked this one from the...
  19. JoeyMac

    1.50 tire on 1.75 wheel?

    I was looking at 26x1.50 tires, but what size wheel are they meant for? Would they fit on a 1.75 wheel?
  20. JoeyMac

    Funny ebay story... oops

    So late last night I was bored and randomly clicking around old bike stuff on the ebay, and I saw a chainring that was a non-skiptooth version of my Roadmaster's chainring. It was only up to a couple bucks with a few hours left, so I put a bid on it and went to bed. This afternoon I get a...