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  1. SpikeFC

    Unknown something that needs a name.

    Got this bike last year in a very horrible shape. At first I tried to identify it. My first guess was a Sturmer from the 40's... But then it came out, that only the fenders are from a ladies Sturmer... Next Guess, by the pedals, that it must be a WWII Nazi military bicycle - the...
  2. SpikeFC

    BO15 American Boy aka. Twisted Sister

    Hello there Comrades! :21: It was in the cold of winter, when I was sitting in my flat, listening to the humble sounds of my neighbour drilling holes in walls, and banging heavy objects on the floors... I was eating my cемечки, scrolling through the forum, and listening to the the old Russian...
  3. SpikeFC

    1961 ZZR/Universal Korlis

    Did a full renovation of this baby for a friend of mine. It spent the last ~40 years in his grandparents basement, and he wanted to make a restoration & give it to his mother, who actually rode it as her second bike (borrowed from his grandmother) in the seventies. Before: It was almost...
  4. SpikeFC

    Early 60's ZZR Pionier.

    Originally I was thinking on making this for the #15 Build-Off, BUT I JUST CAN'T WAIT :21: First of all - The base is a frame from the early sixties (don't know the exact production date, since ZZR stamped the year in code. I know from some sources that the frame number G9 XXXXX is a 1963 and...
  5. SpikeFC

    Upper chain tensioner

    Has anybody ever done this? I've seen only tensioners running on the lower part of the chain like here: Question is - is it even possible? I might have a problem with a chain that can't clear the seat stays, and I want to avoid cutting the frame.
  6. SpikeFC

    1969 K-Rat

    A 1969 ZZR Karat designed for export with the brand Universal. Got it from a friend in 2008, and made it running again. This was one of the first folding bikes ever product in Poland. Features & parts included in the build: - Most parts from the original bike - Frame, rack, fenders, rear...
  7. SpikeFC


    A (probably) 1984 Romet Jubilat folding bike, that I traded for a bunch of parts. Features & parts included in the build: - Romet Jubilat frame, chemically stripped from most of the brushed on paint layers. Headtube shortened for the new fork. - 26" wheel springer fork, recycled from a broken...
  8. SpikeFC

    Pre WWII Patria WKC Solingen commercial.

    "This unusual test in extreme conditions was performed by one of our customers from China. Bicycle frame was hunged with a weight, of about 12 quintals (12 x 100kg = 1200kg = 1,2 ton = ~2654,5lb), and the results were very promising!" :showingbiceps:
  9. SpikeFC

    Truing Magnesium Wheels

    Anybody ever done that? Any ideas? :39: I'm building a bike for a friend an I got a set of sweet original Magnesium wheels made by Sachs, and the rear one badly needs truing.
  10. SpikeFC

    Worked a name - Jubilee - FINISHED

    So i traded some leftover parts from my other Polish bikes that I already built/tore down/repaired with a kid named Alan from nearby City of Góra Kalwaria. It was a nice nostalgia trip for me, since he's already into restoring/building bikes, and he's in simmilar age as I started my hobby...
  11. SpikeFC

    Weather Report

    So this time I'll start. :grin: Next week doesn't look good in Warsaw. Autumn just ran on full speed in Poland, and it's not going to stop.
  12. SpikeFC

    The K-RAT, 1969 ZZR Karat - FINISHED

    Alrighty, it's me again! :cool2: Will post pictures when I come home from work, since I have most of the pictures of how it looked in the past years on my home PC. The base for this one is a 1969 ZZR (Previous name of the company Romet, ZZR (or UBF in english) stands for Untied Bicycle...
  13. SpikeFC

    Spare Parts

    Started as a 2015 3 Trip girls bicycle that i got as a freebie. Converted by adding an upper pipe reused from an old chair. Features & parts included in the build: - 2015 3 Trip steel girls frame converted to a mans frame with a stick shift mount, and a second BB welded on the front. - Both...
  14. SpikeFC

    Kharkovskaya Lastochka

    Started as a 1979 Utility Bike from The Kharkov Bicycle Factory (XB3) that goes by the name Ukraina. Bought back in 2005 for something like 15$. Features & parts included in the build: - 1979 XB3 Ukraina frame & fork with headset rbuild mostly from CCCP parts. - 1979 XB3 Ukraina fenders with...
  15. SpikeFC

    Help identify - Stürmer

    Got this thing today as a freebie, from an older fella who lives in a block next to my workshop. He repainted it a few years back, and some of the original parts are missing (handles, steering bar, stem, tires & seat were definitely changed). Closeup of the front badge reveals the maker -...
  16. SpikeFC

    Tyler, Universal, Korlis brand bikes

    Out of curiosity - I just wanna see how many of the bikes exported from my country, made by ZZR/Romet, are still out there. Any model will do - 20" Tyler muscle bikes, 26" Korlis cruisers, you name it! (Or better - show it)
  17. SpikeFC

    Spare Parts - FINISHED

    Got this piece of junk from a customer a week ago. She bought a brand new Author Unica, and came with this one with her. When I told here that in this condition it's kinda worth next-to-nothing she just gave it to me:bigsmile: The story that I found on the web (and it was kinda tough to find...
  18. SpikeFC

    Kharkovskaya Lastochka - FINISHED

    So first - The name - in russian means Swallow from Kharkov - a now Ukrainian (earlier Soviet) city where for this day the best known Soviet bicycles that go by the brand "Ukraine" are made. Swallow is the factory's mascott that is featured on all emblems. Second - the bike: It's a XB3...
  19. SpikeFC

    Hello from the old continent

    Hi everyone! I've been reading the forum since old times (2008 or something), and finally decided to register and especially participate in the 14th Build-Off :nod: I've seen a lot of cool bikes trough the years, and always throught that my bikes were never cool enugh,old enough or ratty...