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  1. kingplinker

    STOLEN BIKE - Yellow Spaceliner

    This bike was stolen from the side of my house last weekend - it is a yellow/gold Sears Spaceliner frame with a StarSprocket, and custom"bent" front fork tubes (made from old sissy bar). The frame has welded/patch on right side, lower back bar. It's easy frame to spot based on top bars, no...
  2. kingplinker

    Doodle Bug Bike Motor

    sorry, can't remember actual name on other side, I think it says Doodle Bug... anyways, it looks like it's all there, but was wondering if anyone had installed one of these before and if so do you have photos? THANKS!
  3. kingplinker

    Girls Hawthorn & Boys Skip-Tooth Western Flyer

    Well, I had a few bikes for sale, and a guy came to look he had these with him, so I swapped. The girls bike is a Hawthorn, not sure of age, but it's green w/white racing stripe on it. Cool handlebars. Don't really want his bike... I'll sell it. (pm me if interested, but I will not ship it!)...
  4. kingplinker

    Corvair Bicycle

    Hello folks. I saw a bike, I guess 60's, had cool angular tank on it - i twas out in a yard for a junk/yard sale, but no one was home - - so may go back to check on it today, but was wondering if they are rare, etc. or how much I should pay.. Says "Corvair" on the tank... Regards, T.
  5. kingplinker

    cool online tool Villy

    Cool site - you can use to try few ideas for your next build: FUN FUN!
  6. kingplinker

    East TX Auto Swap Meet

    Out in Cantin TX, i hour east of dallas, tx down i-20. Saw several awesome bikes there - I picked up one fixer-upper for 20 bucks. lot's of carstuff and junk , etc. Found some funky lights for some future project too... go check it out! OH, I also went to that guys house that has the two yellow...
  7. kingplinker

    T-BOB > 550 SS Cycle

    Here is what I was finishing while you guys were working on the last Bike Build. It's 70's 550 Honda SS in old Honda Hardtial frame, has Harley sportster tank, flat bars, etc. Made all the aluminum stuff, (engine shroud thing is bread pan, found speedo at dump, the electronics are in the...
  8. kingplinker

    K-Red's Cruiser

    Well, my brother came out last weekend and asked about a bike I was supposed to be building for his wife. I thought I had two more months, but he said her b-day was THIS Saturday! YIPES. SO Monday I ravaged the parts and bikes I had and found a frame, etc. and slapped together a gals bike. I...
  9. kingplinker

    Hercules for the Ladies

    Get this! My wife comes home and says "go look in the back of the SUV" - my wife has no interest in bikes really at all - - but she brought this home from goodwill today! I could not find any serial numbers, but it's lugged frame, sturmey 3-speed, made in england bike - has nice seat and overall...
  10. kingplinker

    Help Me Guess Old Bike

    SORRY, I do not have a pic yet. This guy has an old bike that I definitely want, but we do not know what it is, so he does not know what to charge me! I looke don oldroads, but could not find one like it yet - I'll do my best to describe - please help ID it if you can: (no namebadge on it)...
  11. kingplinker

    Police Bicycle Project

    A buddy of mine decided he want's to build a bicycle. I guess me & rat rod bikes rubbed off on him! He asked me to help him build his bike. Our styles clash because I build from scrap/junk/freestyle (cheap as possible) and he prefers new, pretty parts and stuff - as you can see by the stuff he...
  12. kingplinker

    Military Style Bike ‚ The Grenade

    Her eis bike I built for my brother in first of December. The fork braces mount to the actual handlebars. It's painted amy green and gloss black w/chrome & aluminum accents. Plate is made out of sanded plexiglass and I painted the star/skull on it (both sides). I don;t have to many pics of final...
  13. kingplinker


    Here is a quick bike I made for my brother's b-day this month - nothing crazy/fancy, but was built w/stuff I had. Huffy frame, painted olive drab w/gloss black & aluminum accents Old cool luggage rack w/mounted army/saddle bags Custom forks: made from sucker rod & door hinges - they...
  14. kingplinker

    Super Awesome Tax Refund Score!

    Well, I was late getting my taxes filed, and just now got my refund. It also happen to be close to my b-day - so I saw this ad on CL and told my wife "I know what I want for my b-day" - I said "no, not another tattoo, I want bikes!" - SO I went and picked all these bikes for $200.00. None are...
  15. kingplinker

    Victim of Changes

    Done as done can be! Had limited time, wanted to do a few more things, but at least she's, well, he now (he he) is rolling and riding. Had a lot of fun watching all these builds come together - absolutely outstanding - wish we could all meet in a parking lot someplace with our bikes. Have fun...
  16. kingplinker

    Mustang Motorcycle Nationals!

    Mustang Motorcycles and Texas Cushman Club are having their 2009 Nationals Meet in Sulphur Springs, TX at the Convention Center. Will be lot's of cool old scooters to look at, few vendors selling their junk (and not junk). If in the area, swing on by and take a look at all these little American...
  17. kingplinker

    Bone's Cycletruck

    OK, I know it's not exactly a cycletruck, but I just like saying that word.. cycletruck cycletruck cycletruck — see its fun! Here is one me & one of my sons started week before last - looked online to find pictures of HOW to make one of these, but all pics were tiny, or they wanted to buy the...
  18. kingplinker

    JC Higgins Pretty Clean!

    Folks, got this at cycle swap meet. Guy (that I just met) just told me to take it and bring him $ when I had it, he lives close to me. We agreed on $50.00 and I took her home. Everything seems original, even cool rack on back is painted same as frame. Fenders have red pinstriping on them, and...
  19. kingplinker

    Kids Kent Bike

    Here is old KENT frame - top bar looks like it was removed, so I made a new one that slips in, and bolts to the frame, I kept it so it can still be removed. Bike is not done, this is just a mock-up - just wanted to not waste the cool old frame.My boys too big for this odd size - frame is small...
  20. kingplinker

    Eliminator I guess...

    Got this at salvage yard yesterday - fun little bike - cheers, T.