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  1. RivNut

    Almost there

    1959 Schwinn Speedster. After collecting the missing pieces, I got the fenders rolled, then painted everything. Assembly will begin as soon as the fall Honey-dos are finished. (Finding time to have fun working on bikes is he'll when your wife finally retires.) :cool: In the rafters waiting time...
  2. RivNut

    Tank for 58-59 JC Higgins boy's Flightliner

    As the title says. This tank is specific for the 58 - 59 Flightliner. It has separate switches for the headlight and the horn. I don't care if the light and/or horn work; I'm more interested in the aesthetic value. Send me a PM with what you have. Thanks, Ed
  3. RivNut

    Schwinn kick stand

    I recently acquired a 55 Schwinn Starlet, complete except that the built in kickstand has been surgically removed with a torch. I can clean up where it was cut off but I need the part. If anyone has a junked out Schwinn frame from which they could cut out the kick stand housing and kick stand...
  4. RivNut

    26 inch peaked/gothic Elgin front fender

    Luck o' the Irish. I bought a pair (or so the seller said) of peaked fenders for my '39 Elgin. They've been in a box for a while and I finally got another project finished and pulled these out to start working on them. The front was pretty messed up and a few hours with a hammer and dolly...
  5. RivNut

    FOUND Tank for 52 JC Higgins

    I found this bike in Tecumseh,KS complete except for the tank. Here's a picture of the same model with a tank. I guess it wouldn't need the graphics, but.... Looks like my Vermillion red has faded. But from the catalog description, I know the headlamp should be Vermillion. Any leads would...
  6. RivNut

    1984 Schwinn Cruiser 5 with new threads

    I had the tank, a friend had the fenders, and I stumbled across the chainguard while pursuing a kick back hub. The seat and fork came from the garden bike (I was totally surprised at how well the seat stood up to the winters and summers here in the Midwest). My daughter did the graphics on her...
  7. RivNut

    Bendix yellow band kick back

    Found this on a local CL posting and went across town to pick it up. I thought it would work well on one of my Schwinn middleweight bikes. Got there and right away I knew the rim was not a Schwinn. The rim is about 1-1/8" wide (lighweight ?) and it's built with heavy duty spokes. I imagine...
  8. RivNut

    Fork for 1950 24" girls JC Higgins

    As the title says. Some how the fork for this one has been broken/cutoff right at the top of the head tube. Also need the bracket for the truss rod
  9. RivNut

    24 inch Murray fork

    As the title says, I need a 24 inch fork for a JC Higgins girls bike. I also need the bracket for the truss rods. The bike I was given has the fork broken/cut off at the top of the head tube. As I said, the bike was given to me so I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on one. I'm not sure the...
  10. RivNut

    Like the title says "Bike I.D. ....."

    I came across this 24" girls bike when I went to pick up another bike. The seller said " If you don't take it, I'm just going to toss it out." So I took it. I know it's a Sears bike - JC Higgins head badge and the MOD502 in the serial number. From what else I can find, the MOS-P would make...
  11. RivNut

    Rust removal

    I was going through a box of old seats looking for something to use until I get one reupholstered. I found a good cover but the hardware was rusty. I mixed one cup of mollsses - the kind you get at the farm store - and mixed it with nine cups of water. I tossed the hardwate into the mix and...
  12. RivNut

    Front axle on my 39/40 Elgin

    Last Saturday I started cleaning up the old Elgin that I acquired back in January. When I took the front wheel off, it required a 15mm socket to get the axle nuts off. The bearing cone also required the 15mm socket. Has anyone else experienced this anomaly? All the other nuts and bolts on...
  13. RivNut

    WALD lightweight rain gutter fenders CLAIMED

    I bought an old Elgin from a guy who has a bicycle shop. As part of our bartering process, I wound up with a girls Roadmaster that had no fenders on it. To sweeten the deal because the Roadmaster had no fenders, the seller threw in these lightweight fenders. Complete with braces. Still in...
  14. RivNut

    For $39, you can make a lot more

    While I was watching K State beat TCU, I was perusing the CL ads for the area. Found this. The tank and the rack each are worth more that the seller wants for the entire bike.
  15. RivNut

    Middleweight peaked fenders

    I have a 56 or 57 AFM Roadmaster which is in need of front and rear fenders. 1.75" x 26" tires. (Tires currently on the bike are ballooners and will be replaced.) The fenders must be peaked. The frame bracket shows the peak for the fenders. See pictures for details. The rear fender braces...
  16. RivNut

    Old newbie here

    I've been riding bikes since I can't remember. The first bike my dad got for me was a 26" girls bike that was cast off by one of his sisters. He had to remove the seat so it wouldn't poke me in the back while I stood on the pedals. It could not have happened if it were a boys bike. After...