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  1. Mesquite Hugger

    It Works, Man!

  2. Mesquite Hugger

    What's the widest 24" tire you've run on an unmodified Worksman INB frame?

    I'm trying to decide on 24" or 26" for a strandie/klunker build and was hoping for some advice and maybe pics. Thanks!
  3. Mesquite Hugger

    Schwinn/Bendix 26" 2-speed NO LONGER FOR SALE

    The hub shifts and brakes nicely, rim is straight and all spoke have good tension. It comes with a new Kenda tire (specific for the English Schwinn rim) and a new Sunlite tube. $130 shipped to continental US lower 48. Paypal or Venmo only. Thanks for checking it out!
  4. Mesquite Hugger

    Schwinn Typhoon plant bike $50 Brownwood, TX

    I'd pick this one up, but it's about 4 hours south.
  5. Mesquite Hugger

    Coffee, Sunrise, November - All good!

    Lubbock's not a beautiful place, but I rode the Schwinn to coffee, drank a hot cup outside, watched the sunrise, listened to the birds. Lubbock's a beautiful place if you pick your view.
  6. Mesquite Hugger

    Sun 24" Cruiser Frames and Wheels

    Not sure if this the right place to post this but wanted to share with the RRB crowd. (If there is a better place, please let me now.) Random Bike Parts just added these new frames ($114 shipped) and wheels ($111 shipped) to their website. Cool little flatbar cruiser...